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The Interesting Life of a Letterer

Life has been a bit busy lately. By choice, that is.

I've decided that I can't use the fonts I have for the sound effects in some work I'll be doing, so I needed to find or make some that would work better. So, I spent the last couple nights drawing letters. It's not exactly hard, but it's very time consuming. I've only scanned and cleaned some of one of the two I've fully drawn, and yeah, it's not exactly the prettiest font (it's cool if you think it's ugly, I sort of agree), but I think it emulates the Japanese sound effect I was basing it off of pretty well.

This is the wannabe font, "Gauche."

EXCITING EXCITING! Actually, I take interest in fonts, so it's sort of neat to me.

If you can figure out why it's named that, you win an internet, but I won't tell you if you guess right. ^_~

It is late and my brain hurts. =(
Tags: font, tales of the abyss, the interesting life of a letterer, viz, work
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