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Japan 2008: Tokyo 1 Part F (08/15/08-08/18/08)

Wow, it's been quite a while.

So first, let's go over a few things. Comiket is short for Comic Market. There are two held every year, once during the winter and once during the summer. Obviously, we attended the Summer Comkiet. Surprisingly, there are more female circles and female-oriented doujin, so the majority of the attendants are female. Comiket runs for three days. For Comiket 74, the first two were female-oriented and the last was male-oriented. The first day was mostly manga-based series, the second was game- and anime-based, and the third was for those (male-oriented though) and for original stuff.

This was taken on the first day. Nur and I had both read that it was smarter to come later and avoid lining up, but that was a big fat lie. We get there around 11:30 (it runs from 10-4) and ended up waiting about an hour in line. They lined us up around a building Disneyland-style, so you never know if the end is around the corner or not. It was really hot and humid and we ended up being stuck in the direct sun for about forty minutes of the time, not moving. Not fun. There were two human-caused health hazards around that we had to watch out for: parasols and rolling luggage. The parasols were held just about at the level of our eyes, so it was pretty dangerous to be around someone with one. I didn't have much trouble, but Nur seemed to be pretty unlucky. The rolling luggage was big and took up a lot of space. I had a backpack with me and that ended up being pretty full by the end of the day, but it wasn't quite as big or a trip hazard.

The first day was really painful. I bought a ton... all sorts of stuff (I'll post pictures of everything at the end of the trip reports), but mainly Cyborg 009, Pumpkin Scissors, and Detective Conan books. I wish I bought more though! There were so many pretty books!

This is from outside of the upper West Halls. The East Halls have most of the doujin and the West Halls have a lot of doujin games and the corporate booths. The corporate booths were sort of a waste of time, but I was tempted to by the $100 Simon body pillowcase. He was so cute on it, but it was pretty shota-licious and it was A HUNDRED DOLLARS. ~_~;;

Another picture from the same area as above. You can still see people coming in, and this was taken at about 3pm (it closes at 4, remember?).

I don't have any pictures from the second day, but Nur and I worked a lot better. It was another hot wait in line, but it wasn't quite as long as the previous day. We hit up the West Hall first to pick up a doujin by an artist he likes and then headed down to the East Halls. Unfortunately, getting there took forever and forced us slowly through "the oven," a long stretch of hallway with a low metal ceiling. The heat would bounce back and forth from the crowded line to the ceiling and bake us all. At the end I felt very dizzy and disoriented. I was really tempted to shove my way out of the line. Once we were in the East Hall though, it was better. We just went to the table/areas we had written down after looking through the catalogue instead of browsing everything like the day before and we were done by about 1pm. I was very sad because there was one listed Oh! Edo Rocket doujin circle, and they ended up not coming. T^T So much for my OER doujin dreams! Alas, alas. I still got some neat books though. I got one amazing Ergo Proxy book that is the prologue to the one she's putting out next year. I need to get that book somehow. O_O

I'm sad that I skipped some of the sections these first two days though... I entirely skipped the Oofuri and Reborn sections simply because there was SO MUCH, I couldn't look through them all. I really wish I had at least picked up a couple.

We tried to go see Ponyo that night because we had so much time, but we got there just a tiny bit after the final showing began. The final showing being at... SEVEN-THIRTY. I saw no listing for any later movies. EVER. (Well no, I saw listings, but when we'd find the theater, the last listing there would be seven or seven thirty. @_@)

The third day looked the best. The heat had finally broken and the day was overcast and a tiny bit misty. We basically walked into the building. But as soon as we got in, it was clear that this was going to be the hardest day.

I have this theory. Even with the rolling luggage, girls have this sense of space. You don't shove people (or you apologize if it's more than a nudge), you don't lean all over them. Guys though, I don't think they understand this. What's that? My duffle bag smashed the back of your head in? I HOPE YOUR FAT HEAD DIDN'T HURT MY DOUJIN! YOUR HEAD HAD NOT RIGHT TO BE THERE! Girls also know that deodorant is a good thing.

It's strange, because most guys I know have no problems with personal boundaries or personal hygiene, so I can only assume that the hardcore Japanese otaku stereotype is true. This saddens me. This saddens me greatly.

Anyway, the place was PACKED. It was hard to move at all! I couldn't believe how many people were fitting into this hall!

So I got shoved around wildly throughout our entire time there that day. Not nudged, shoved. Once I was apologized to, so that honestly made it a good deal better. Nur was the driver that day, since most of the stuff he was looking for was... male-oriented. I did have a goal though... Spice and Wolf doujin. I bought SOOOOO MANY. I felt bad for some sellers, because I would flip through their book and put it down and when Nur would ask me why I didn't get it (because so many were GORGEOUS), I would answer, "Chloe." I think a couple times the artist understood what I was saying. Sorry artists! I was being strict with my porn. Only Horo and Lawrence!! I don't want any others in it (unless its a gag doujin).

I was also able to pick up two artbooks by Nanto Hanamaru. One was for Okami ga Kuru! and he other was for Soukai Kessen. As I was walking away I thought, "DAMMIT. I SHOULD HAVE GOTTEN THEM SIGNED!" Alas, I'll pay better attention next time.

LOOK AT THE AMOUNT OF PEOPLE IN THERE! You can barely see the tables! And this is only ONE of the halls!

Really large circles would have lines outside. This is one of them.

This is the front of that line.

We left around 1 again and headed back to Ueno. It was raining, so we had a fun run to the hotel trying to protect our goods. We got to see Ponyo that night and it was a great movie. Very kid-friendly, but very entertaining for adults too. And adorable. Absolutely adorable. Even the theme song is adorable.

We had a day before we left Tokyo, so we went back to Akiba.
They changed the ad! Now there is an ad for the GL movie!

The next day we left beloved Ueno and Tokyo and made the trek down to Kyoto. But that's for the next update.

I updated my layout and profile page last night. Xam'd themed this time! It's simple, but it works.
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