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Good Day =D

Yesterday was pretty awesome. Nur and I headed down pretty early to meet up with Nat at Kinokuniya. I had held back on picking up new volumes of stuff I follow when we were in Japan, so I ended up with a fairly large stack of catch-up stuff and a couple volumes of new stuff. I finally bought a couple new Kindaichi volumes. I actually ended up deciding which case to buy based off of the hilarious cover pictures. I'll have to scan the winning cover later. After Kinos, we chatted it up in Mitsuwa for a couple hours. Good times, good times.

Nat had to leave around lunch time, so Nur and I bought some food and went back to Kinos because there was something I wanted to look for but completely forgot. (Hey Nat, it was Nana Iro Inko. I'm so cosplaying him/getting someone to cosplay him someday.) I completely forgot what it was that I completely forgot about (until this morning, lol), but Nur and I bought more manga and met up with the awesome Jay and his friend. Good times. =D

After heading home, I worked on pages while Nur read some of his purchases. We decided to get the same type of pizza that we would get every Sunday in SLO, so we headed out to order. The people at the pizza place were generally fail at understanding basic orders and giving change, but after 10 minutes of standing there, we got our order in and went for a walk. There was a hill nearby that we struggled up (it was really steep!) to pass the time. We ended up getting a fantastic view of the San Ramon Valley. Absolutely gorgeous. We walked a bit along the hilltops before picking up our pizza...

...Pizza that was totally not what we ordered. Whatever. It wasn't like it was inedible. We got a call from Amanda and ended up going to Coldstone and Starbucks with Amanda and Alex after dinner. It was lots of fun. We didn't hang out all that long, because Nur and I were sleepy and I had to finish up the last bits of the volumes I was working on. (I finished it and got it sent out though! HUZZAH!)

All in all, it was a freaking awesome day. The most relaxing day I've had since I got back to the states. Granted, I've only been back three weeks or so, but they've been pretty crazy-stressful. XD;;

....think about it guys, NANAIRO INKO COSPLAY. HOW FABULOUS WOULD THAT BE? This is proof that Tezuka invented fabulous alongside everything else he invented (aka EVERYTHING). COME ON. Look at those glasses! That cane! He is totally a pimp, and probably my second favorite Tezuka character (after Black Jack, of course).
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