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Watching Blassreiter 1

Gonzo continuously out does itself with ugly CG. The concept is interesting, but the execution is pretty bad. The animation looks alright (although it is the first episode), but there is a ton of ugly, ugly, ugly CG.

Also, Gerd, DON'T TAKE DRUGS FROM MYSTERIOUS DOCTORS. She even said, "It hasn't been tested on humans yet." I know you're not exactly in a high point in your life, but still. Damn.

I don't know if I'll watch anymore, I already have a bajillion series to finish and I only checked this one out because it I found a quick DDL and I was waiting for Nur to come.

But seriously.


Did we all get taught that taking things from strangers is bad in like... first grade?

(Le'arg! the original art is by Nitro+, damn so hot!! It's one of the few things making me ponder watching a bit more of this...)
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