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Alone starts with the letter A, Professah!!

First off, thanks for all the responses to my whining the other day. I really appreciate all the input and suggestions you guys gave me. I'm going to try to find something we'll all enjoy and invite them over during their winter breaks. I can't stop the drifting of interests, but I think we all still like each other as people, so I'm sure we'll be able to find other things to do!

To make this post fun, I've been watching these over and over all day. (WHY DO I FIND THIS SO FUNNY?)
Professor Layton and the malignant growth part 1 | part 2
Part 1 is probably worksafe, but part 2 is definitely not. Part 2 may have some spoilers for the first game if you look at it right. Maybe.

I bought a hooded sweatshirt for my super-easy mystery cosplay today. And a structured Yuugi Yu-Gi-Oh! deck. EN ESPAÑOL. Because I really wanted a Dark Magician Mago Obscuro. And because it was super cheap. I should really stop buying things. =(
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