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Japan 2008: Tokyo 1 Part D (08/13/08)


Just to warn you, this entry is the most otaku one yet. It's pretty geek-filled. And I'm a huge, dumb fangirl. As if you didn't already know that.

Nur decided we should be smart otaku tourists and check out Odaiba, the reclaimed land island in Tokyo Bay where Tokyo Big Site is and therefore where Comiket would be. We wanted to know properly how to get onto the island before the rush of otaku on Friday.

We had to transfer from the subway to the Yurikamome line, a train sort of like a monorail. As we were looking for the right station, I spotted this:

Oh my god, is that? IT IS. It's a blow-up version of the Friend-enhanced World's Fair Sculpture from Osaka! 20TH CENTURY BOYS OMGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Behind it was this sign. We tried to find out what this thing on the 2nd floor of the building was, but we actually never located it. Baaah. Perhaps it was just referring to this awesome blow-up thingy. It would have looked good in my backyard. =D

Right behind it was...
Miyazaki's clock! Actually, at the time, we had no idea what it was (besides a clock). I thought it looked very Howl's Moving Castle-ish (especially the feet!). When we were showing the pictures to some of the SLOpokes, Jesse exclaimed, "Oh! Miyazaki's clock!" Awesomeness. I guess the gear work on it is pretty neat, I wish I had thought to check it out.

We wandered around the building both of those were at (it was the Tokyo TV building, I think) and saw all sorts of exhibits. They had a giftshop with some anime stuff (lol, Kaiji stuff~!) and some 20th Century Boys stuff. We finally made our way back to the Yurikamome line and took it to Odaiba.

Oh god.

So I had failed to realize that it was the week before Obon. I mean, I knew that Comiket was during Obon, but I didn't really think that through. Everything was SO crowded!! The train, the locations, SO MANY PEOPLE. @_@

Anyway, this is the Miraikan, the Emerging Technologies Museum. It was really awesome, all sorts of neat science things in there. For Bay Area folks, it was like a more high-tech version of the Exploratorium.

This may or may not be the ferris wheel from Honey and Clover.

Aaaannnnnddd the Fuji TV building. You may recognize it from the last arc of Digimon season 1.

Anyway, back to the Miraikan.
This is Paro, the rehab seal. It has sensors all over it's body and it'll react to you like a real animal might (if it was tamed). It would rub against people, make sounds, move around, etc, etc. Well, it would do that for everyone except me. I was hurt that Paro wouldn't react to my touches. Paro just fell asleep. T^T The guy watching over him had to kind of knock him around to wake him up. Waaaaggh, why Paro, why?

They had a giant globe that could show weather patterns from the past and show predictions of surface heat of the globe in the future.

They had a section of the International Space Station, in which Nur and I learned more that we ever wanted to know about going to the bathroom in space. We just couldn't cut the guy off. But... TOO MUCH INFO. @_@ They also had a replica of Shinkai, a deep sea explorer and part of the walls of Superkamio-kande. It was a really neat museum.

Once we were out of the museum, we decided to check out the commotion happening over at the Fuji TV building. From the train, it looked like there was a festival or something. It was some sort of festival, but it looked sort of lame, so we passed on it. But when we got closer to the Fuji TV building, we saw...

Wait, is that? Oh...



What the hell was a (smallish) replica of the Statue of Liberty doing there? O_o;;;;

We pretended we didn't see it and went into the nearby mall to escape the horrid humidity. The mall was PACKED. We wandered until we found another Jump Shop. I was excited... until I got inside. If the mall was PACKED, this Jump Shop was ZOMGHOLYSHITPACKED.
We squeezed out and went up to the next story to get a picture of the shop from above. As you can see, it looks like it may be a temporary thing. It's actually a lot less crowded than it was when we were in it, but we found that there was a good reason for that. Do you see those people at the top left of the photo? Those are people in line. The line got so long it started to go outside.

So they wouldn't let anyone else in until the line got shorter.

Outside the Jump Shop, the windows were covered in Weekly Jump covers. Pretty neat. I spotted this neat boat coming from around Rainbow Bridge (you can see part of it in the picture).

We grabbed some lunch and sat down in a section shaded from the harsh heat (but alas, no protection from the humidity). Unfortunately, the wind was strong in that section. When we finished we decided it was time to get out of that miserable place. The Yurikamome was packed and sweaty, but it was all worth it, because from the train Nur noticed...

THE POKÉMON CENTER. This is actually a gaming section. I didn't have my DS, so we decided to skip this area.

I was in a foul mood because of the crowds and weather, but seeing all this Pokémon stuff immediately spun my mood around! Look how cute they are!!

Aaannnnd, the entrance to the store. I wonder why they use the English logo? Photos were not allowed inside, but I'll tell you, it was wonderful. I must admit, I was a little sad that it was so movie 11-oriented. I have nothing against the movie, I'm actually excited to see it, but Nur and I were both hoping for some Lucario stuff, but we didn't find much. I was really really hoping for some Jolteon stuff, but it's JOLTEON. I wasn't holding my breath. I was elated to find a Darkrai plush. They had a couple, but I just got the smallest one. I love Darkrai! ♥ I named him Ridel and he's sitting on my lap as I type this. I also got a "Pokémon Time" clear file with Bulbasaur on it. It's SO CUTE. All the Pokémon Time things were adorable. We came back later and I was going to buy the Squirtle and Charmander clear files, but the line was SO long that time, that I had to pass. When we were hear this time, Nur got an adorable Turtwig plush, a Riolu clear file, and a Squirtle Pokémon Time hand towel. I wish we had a Pokémon Center in San Francisco. But... I'd probably spend way too much money there ALL THE TIME.

We saw a Pokémon Center commercial on TV later (actually, it's what prompted us to return for a second visit), and they showed a shelf full of cute Lucario plushes, but they LIED, and we ended up never seeing them. Sadness. Well, at least I already have my Lucario plush (Orion~♥) from the online Pokémon Center. She's so cute. Now she's on my lap too.

With purchases happily in hand, we headed to the biggest event of the day, the baseball game!
Huzzah, huzzah! We had pretty awesome seats! It was the Yomiuri Giants vs. the Hanshin Tigers. GOOOOO TIGERS! The Giants seem to be like the Yankees, they have a lot of big-name players because they have a lot of money. I have nothing against them, but I often like to go for the underdog, so I was all for the Tigers.

...and the Tigers, or their fans didn't disappoint me. The fans were amazing, always making noise, always totally into the game. It was really inspiring. I think they made me a Tigers fan for life! I really wanted to get a flag or a coat like they had, but we didn't see any at the game and we forgot to look when we were in Osaka later.

I usually don't care for cheerleaders, but the Giants' cheerleaders were pretty cool, and some did neat flips. They had neat legging things too. I want those legging things.


The gift shop said that the mascot was the "Giabbit" or something, so I figure it was a rabbit. BUT WHAT ARE THESE? AND THEY KEPT COMING OUT. I thought one was enough, but FIVE? Holy shit guys, they really do reproduce like rabbits. O_O Honestly though, they have one melty eye or something, it's really creepy.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
This honestly bothers me.

But anyway, the game went into extra innings and the Tigers won after hitting a 3-run homer. It was a fantastic game, and I'd love to go to another some time. The Tigers fans stayed in the stadium cheering for a long, long time after the game was over. When Nur and I decided to leave, we noticed all these signs warning us about objects flying off and stuff, but I had no idea what it meant or what the Dome employees were saying. But as soon as I neared the door it became clear. The pressure difference between the inside and the outside of the Dome was so great, you would get SUCKED out the door. I don't mean a gentle pull, I mean it was like a giant shoved you out of the Dome. Scary, but I would love to experience that again.

We got back to the hotel late, grabbed some food, and put on the Olympics like usual. The weather and crowds in Odaiba sucked, but the 20CB thingy, the museum, the Pokémon Center, and the baseball made up for that several times over. =D

Next Time: Discover The Sixth Entrance To Hell!!
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