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Art: Detective Conan

I've been rewatching the Detective Conan movies as I work. Ever so often I'll get into these Conan moods and I'll totally binge on the movies or manga or something. It feels good. This post is basically Conan babbling.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
It's just a sketch I did while watching tv tonight, but I sort of like how it came out. I could totally see KID and Heiji teaming up to pester Conan. Drawing these boys makes me want to get back to working on my KID x Conan doujin from... two years ago. >_>;;;; I'LL FINISH IT SOMEDAY, I SWEAR. (I'll actually start drawing it someday too..........)

Seriously, this is the first time I think I've drawn these three together since this picture TWO YEARS AGO. [/fail]

I had forgotten that in the first movie, Shiratori is properly introduced. Him and his SOULLESS EYES. And then you have all the possible pairing moments with Megure. I freaking love putting them together for no reason other than it amuses me. I want to draw Shiratori though, him and his cream puff hair.

My movie watching order has been 7 (Crossroads of the Ancient Capital), 1 (The Timed Skyscraper), 10 (Private Eye Requiem), 9 (Strategy Above the Depths), and 6 (Phantom of Baker Street). Tomorrow I'll watch 4 (Captured in her Eyes) and 5 (Countdown to Heaven) while I work, with maybe 3 (Last Wizard of the Century). Then I'll just have four more movies and I'll have rewatched them all. XD;; And movie 12 should be released (subbed) in October! Huzzah! I can't wait! I wasn't very impressed with the last movie. It wasn't bad, but after the incredible awesome of movie 10, it was just okay.

[/blah blah blah blah fangirl blah]
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