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CURSE YOU, sjen! I'm fangirling over Tengu Mountain like mad now. DAMN YOU AND YOUR AWESOME CHARACTERS. But I am inspired to start work on my old series now! Maybe my neglected characters won't be so neglected anymore.

AND CURSE YOU WORLD COSPLAY SUMMIT! The costumes were amazing and everyone looked so neat, I'm chomping at the bit to work on Raptor!Dio. (Check out the videos here. Watch the highlights from 2007 too, there are amazing costumes in there too, and an incredibly choreographed DGM skit)

So, question time!
Dio from Steel Ball Run has been put in many colors. I mean, officially, I've seen his top as grey/silver, teal, and pink. I've seen it many other colors in fanart. What color should his shirt be? And whatever color is suggested, would khaki pants work? I bought HUGE pants that I can alter to be riding pants, but I'm not too sure of the color. And finally, would white work/riding gloves be alright? CHOICES.
Tags: cool people, cosplay, jojo
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