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San Fran Trip (aka BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH)

It's been a bit of a long day. I had some strange nightmare about forgetting the headphones for my iPod for the trip, so I slept really poorly. I've worried about other stuff, losing tickets, wrong reservations, etc, but no, I have to have a nightmare about my stupid iPod headphones.

Well, not much I can do about that. I spend some time with my parents and the newspaper then retreat to my hidey-hole, aka my room. About an hour later I get a frightened call from my sister who was at a neighbor's house taking care of their pets (this is the same family who has the incredibly dumb dog she took care of last week). One of the cats was missing, and she wanted my help finding it.

We searched the house, the backyard, the neighborhood, and the hill behind their house.These are indoor cats, but a dog-walker and a laundry-person (I didn't know there were people who would come over to do your laundry. O_o;;), and one of them let the cat out accidently or so we figured. After about forty minutes of frantic searching, she called the owners and they said not to worry about it. They said the cat was probably stuck in a closet or something. We had checked all the rooms and saw no open closets, so we doubted this. However, later she found him and it turned out the cat really was stuck in a closet. How it got stuck, no one knows.

When I got back to the house, I was pretty tired. But the day had just begun! Nur, Amanda, and Alex came over and we piled in Nur's car, drove to the BART station, and went into San Francisco. There we stopped by the Apple Store, which was conveniently right next to the BART exit we used. I needed to get a wall charger so I could charge my iPod on the trip (I'm not bringing Aremis, he gets a nice long break from me). Then we headed up to the usual destination, J-Town!

J-Town was fun, as usual. We went to Ichiban-Kan first and found super cheap artbooks. By super cheap, I mean stuff like $57 marked down to $5, $36 to $8, stuff like that. Nur and I couldn't resist so we picked a few. I found a beautiful hardcover 3x3 Eyes artbook. *_* Then we walked around looking for a place to eat and ended up at Kinokuniya. Nur and I spent a long time looking at pretty books while Alex and Amanda looked around and head upstairs to where all the non-manga stuff is. I ended up buying Verdant Lord 8 (OH GOD SO GOOD), Bleach 34, and the limited edition of Pluto 6 (so expensive, so worth it). I also bought the latest GanGan issue, because Soul was on the cover and it came with a Shinigami button and wristband. I'm a consumer whore, remember? The wristband is really comfy though, I've been wearing it all day.

Alex and Amanda decided to get some warm food and Nur and I decided to just grab stuff from the market, so we split up. I bought some delicious salmon onigiri and some coffee milk. We sat in the plaza eating and looking at our books and having a good time. When we finished, we wandered around, eventually ending at the regular (non-manga) Kinokuniya. They had a Yatterman mug! They also had some adorable Japanese conquerer figures and mugs.

Then it was time for us to meet up again and bask in the sun for a bit before walking over to Union Square and checking out the Borders here. We walked back to the BART station and headed home.

T'was a good day. =D
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