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Xam'd Downloads + SF TRIP~

Hey all, Amanda, Alex, Nur, and I are heading into San Francisco tomorrow. We'll definitely be going to J-Town, possibly other places. Anyone interested?

ALSO. I said I'd upload these, and here they are. Strange forces in the world wanted to foil my uploading plans, but I guess sixth time's the charm. I had simply horrible luck, I guess! These are all SD versions (704x384), and if you enjoy the series and your computer can handle it, I HIGHLY recommend downloading the HD versions. This show is beautiful.

XamD: Lost Memories Episode 1: Xamd at the Dawn of War (167 MB)
XamD: Lost Memories Episode 2: Blackout on Sentan Island (179 MB)
XamD: Lost Memories Episode 3: The Way to Freedom (180.3 MB)

(That Birdy entry is still coming, I swear)
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