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I've been catching up on a lot of series recently... mainly long-running Jump series. I'm on Reborn right now.

Ugh. It was SO HARD to read some of this, because it was SO FREAKING BORING. But as soon as Tsuna does something cool, it's as if all is forgiven and life is awesome. I always knew he was my favorite character of the series, but I didn't think I liked his that much. Ah, well, nothing wrong with it.

I've just gotten to the part where Spanner comes in.
...I can't see him as anything but a wannabe Graham. Sorry guys. He seems pretty cool, but not nearly as cool as Graham.

This arc is pretty... eh... to me though. I hope it wraps up soon. I MISS THE DAYS WHEN THE BIGGEST BAD GUY AROUND WAS MUKURO. =(
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