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So much awesome.

I got the latest episode of Xam'd, it was awesome. I might post about it later.

I caught up on D.Gray-man. Man, that series is a real rollercoaster. Sometimes it's just boring endless battles, but then when the story gets going again, it's pretty damn awesome.

I'm still rewatching Oh! Edo Rocket. Freaking fabulous. I honestly have no idea why more people don't like this show. I'm SO tempted to make a Sky Beast costume, because it would be a fun challenge, but I already have about ten costumes to try to get done in the next year. X_X Seikichi is one of those costumes, so I'll be showing my OER love there.

Seriously. OER. So good.

Okay, I think I'm done spamming tonight.

I didn't feel like putting this in its own post, so I'm going to stick it here. Del Rey licensed Youkai Doctor, which I'm assuming is totally Youkai no Oisha-san which is totally a series I've recently (like, in the last four or five months) been really enjoying. (Haha, the latest volume is actually next to my pillow right now) This makes me really happy, because I can only tell what happening ever so often. I really like the series, and I hope others will give it a try too! Also, Kuro's mom is really hot. No kidding, maybe I'll try to scan a picture of her. I should scan some of the OER manga too, because it's pretty different than the anime and really neat. (oh Del Rey, please use good translators and letterers for this series, because if it gets the treatment of some of the other series I have from you, I will cry a lot. Big, acidic, fangirl tears.)

Also regarding that Del Rey news post, what exactly is Negima Neo? Isn't that... not by Akamatsu? I don't understand what the series is supposed to be about. Is it a retelling?
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