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"It was a typical Fowlesque melodrama."

Ugh, I feel like shit. I was feeling really... off a couple nights ago, but felt better the morning after. Then this morning I was messing around on Rock Band with my little sister when the left front side of my neck starting hurting and I got really nauseous. It felt like someone was performing surgery on the inside of my throat by going through the outside. It feels a lot better now, but over all I feel really tired and just out of it. Dammit body, if you're going to get sick please do so and get it over before Nur and I leave on our trip!

My relationship with my mom is really poor right now too. It's never been all that good, but it's been pretty bad all summer.

However, I did finish Artemis Fowl: The Time Paradox today!! I love the Artemis books, they're among my favorite kid series. Artemis is one of my favorite literary characters. He's such a lovable jerk. This book was filled with time traveling confusion and Artemis against himself. AWESOME. The ending wrapped stuff up well but there is definitely the possibility for another book (OR TEN). I sure hope there are. I wish I had the ability to draw Artemis like I see him in my head. There are a great number of scenes I'd love to illustrate!

Some Professor Layton puzzles make me feel dumb. =(
Tags: artemis, books, injury, professor layton, whine
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