Lord Ace of the Fictional Lands (ensuing) wrote,
Lord Ace of the Fictional Lands

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Ugh, not again.

Bleh. When I woke up this morning the clasp of my necklace was entangled in one of my blankets making it impossible to get out without cutting the thread of the blanket holding it. But, as soon as I cut the thread the necklace came apart! I don't think I can fix it without jewelry tools, because the piece I need to reconnect is tiiiiny. I like having a bit of weight around my neck, so I think I'll have to wear my core drill for now.

I think this is the fourth necklace I've broken in the last year. T^T;; I just wish that my new Proxy necklace would come in, that one is easy to fix (and replace if absolutely necessary). I don't want to end up breaking my core drill before it comes. Y_Y

Tags: ergo proxy, gurren-dan, whine
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