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Emma Marathon and Catching Up

Nur and I marathoned the first season of Emma yesterday and had a wonderful time. We bought lots of snacks (including scottish shortbread because it seemed pretty appropriate) and some tea. It was a very nice afternoon. I really enjoyed the series (I had been itching to reread the manga but held off to be surprised all over again). Even my mom watched some with us and every time she left she would return with a "so what happened?" It doesn't sound like much, but for my mother, this is really incredible. I also found out I'm not a big tea drinker. We made some Earl Grey, but I had to put a good amount of sugar in mine. I think I like green tea better.

I'm still rewatching Oh! Edo Rocket, and it's still fantastic. I'm still working on finishing Gurren Lagann too, but it makes me really mad. Why can't people just accept that Simon is a pimp and they aren't? =P

I'm finally getting things that are not work done. I've been behind in my commission and general correspondence, but I should be all caught up in a few days. That will take some pressure off my back, I've been feeling really guilty about not having been on top of this better.

I want to go downstairs and lay down on the couch while I draw, but my parents are watching Foyle's War, which I guess is a multi-part mystery. I like mysteries, but coming in during the middle of one is not fun. I'll continue to hide up here in my room and play some FES.

It's really cold at night now. My parents want the windows open at night to cool off the house, but I have to wear a jacket and slippers to stay comfortable now!
Tags: anime, gurren-dan, persona 3
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