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Whaaaaat? Why you gotta hurt me like this?

So I guess Bounen no Xamdou (Or Xam'd: Lost Memories) is a PSN exclusive. FAIL. FFFFAAAAIIIILLLL. I was looking forward to this series SO DAMN MUCH, but I can't afford to buy a PSP or PS3 to then BUY the episodes. Hopefully someone will be able to rip it. I'm all for buying anime, but I can't buy the vessel to download it to as well. COMPUTERS ARE WONDERFUL. I'LL GIVE YOU MONEY IF I CAN DOWNLOAD IT TO ARTEMIS HERE, BUT I CAN'T GIVE YOU MONEY TO DOWNLOAD IT TO MY NON-EXISTANT PSP OR PS3. Come on Sony, come on. Now I can only hope someone will rip it.

I'm crying a little in the corner now.

I just finished downloading the new HD trailer. I'm honestly fangasming and crying (seriously, what? But I am.) at the same time, this series looks so freaking amazing.

There's already a torrent out~ Watch me dance, watch me sing, for now I'll have this blessed uh... thing. There will totally be a post about this when it finished downloading.
Tags: anime, whine, xamdou
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