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*collaspes* Work is dooonnneee

Phew, I just finished my work-sprint. I thought this volume was due on Thursday, but it was due today, so the last four days have been very, very full of work. But now I am done and I am on vacation!! I'm going to take this time to play Persona 3 (it's been six months since I was able to play... I could have played for short spurts, but I think I would have just felt guilty so I didn't), make AMVs, and work on cosplay. So exciting!

kiraqueen, Nur, and I went to Rohert Park on Saturday to see khyungbird's presentation on manga. It was an awesome presentation and I had a wonderful time. We fangirled over cosplay and JoJo on the ride there and back. Good times, good times.

badseafood, I'm sorry, I forgot to ask him some of your questions, but he says that Vanilla Ice should remain Vanilla Ice and the animal brutality will probably not be censored. =D

Birdy Decode ep 2 was AWESOME. I would have posted about it days ago, but work took up my time. I'm working on a post for it right now. =3
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