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Arts: Original Characters, Ergo Proxy, Yu-Gi-Oh GX, Baccano!, Pokémon, and Digimon + GL Scans

Blarg, I finally scanned stuff from my in-class sketchbook. I also scanned the box that my Gurren Lagann figures came in.

39 pictures, worksafe. Ergo Proxy spoilers (episode 9). These pictures are pretty much from September to March. I think they're pretty much in order, but I'm not too sure.

Kamina's all, I'm a freaking badass!
Gaaah, he's pointing to the heavens~

You can take off his cloak too
Never has Lord Genome been so adorable.

Every box came with that monkey ganmen
And the cards. LOOK AT THAT FREAKING KAMINA ONE OMG. The Nia one is really cute too.

300 ppi scans of box front and cards here. Use them as you please.

Kiln, my human-eating candy-loving demon and the only villain I've ever made, Tsuna from Reborn!, and Tajima and Hanai from Oofuri. All pictures from this post were drawn without references, so some of them are really, really off. >_>;;

I still can't draw Pino
Ergo Proxy doodles from like a million years ago.

I still can't draw Pino
More Vincent (oh god I draw him so much in this sketchbook) and some Oh! Edo Rocket doodles. I need to draw more OER stuff.

Chase, who is based off my fan-pokémon Chasyx. I guess he's the Chasyx gijinka. There's some ugly Tsuna doodles on here, Kakuma (who I never draw), and a roaring Vincent.

I love you Vincent!
More Chase, his evolved form Renyx (whose design I could never finalize), and more Vincents. Everywhere, Vincents.

Oh yeah, he's a Pokémon, isn't he?
Hey look, here's how Chasyx looks. I think he looks like he could be strong, but he's really a crappy Pokémon. Poor guy. He's an ice-type. Renyx is an ice/dark-type.

I draw Chase more than Chasyx
Chase, chase, chase, Vincent, BlackJack, and a really hideou Conan. I gave Chase a tail because I used him for a short role play and I thought it looked cute.

Dear god do I love this guy
This is Nicholas Issac Arpin, and if you can guess how I came up with his last name you win an internet. He's a thief, the one I had a dream about a while ago. The dream was just too interesting to let go, so I started doodling him and writing little drabbles about him.

You shoulda seen him when he woke up and his hair was gone
More Nicholas. I gave him sharp teeth for no reason besides I like sharp teeth. And I think they're cute on him.

Hyou goes Growl!!
Hyou, a black and red snow leopard. He's a was a courier from my original Orichalcum story. I couldn't get over not using him, so I adapted his character, which I am still using.

My HP boys
Bouson, Sever, Human!Hyo, and Kingfisher. Bou and Sev are from a Harry Potter roleplay, and I think I had Hyo come in at some point. Kingfisher is a Rockman.exe fan character. I thought some of the .exe characters had neat designs, so I wanted to try my hand at it.

I admit I was listening to 'The Kingfisher Girl' when I was creating him.
More Kingfisher.

Steampunk High, etc
Mostly Steampunk High stuff. Allen was pretty much designed at this point, but I was having trouble with Shota. I'm in the middle of the page and Hyo is in the upper left. Roar!

Hyo drawings. Hyo is a dragon (yeah, I dunno how that one happened) and has different forms. You can throw rocks at me now.

Holy Crap I Love This Show
During winter break I was marathoning Yu-Gi-Oh GX. I must have watched seventy episodes in a week and a half (although I skipped through a lot of the duels). I absolutely adore Juudai(or Jaden, whichever name you prefer), so I drew him lots during that time. Drawing YGO GX prompted me to draw my YGO character/card, Setkhar, the Pharaoh's Beast. She's probably the most Mary Sue character I have... she's one of two center cards in a "Pharaoh's Guardian" deck. Drawing her usually gives me a chance to draw Juudai in Egyptian clothes, but I didn't do one of those pictures this time. I did draw him in a scarf though. I think he looks cute in it. (Okay, you can brick me for this one now too.)

I love gears, but they're so hard to draw
Randomness. The boy (Claus) sitting on the clock was going to be one of my t-shirt designs for Minna, but I don't think I ever finished it. Little bit of Juudai and Setkhar too.

I need more expression practice
Lots of original beast characters and stuff. Sever, Bouson, Hyo, Leo Thorne, Nicholas, Whyl, Setkhar, the Steampunk High crew, and a little Juudai in these for good measure.

Kale says Eeeexxxxcelllent
I really just scanned this because I like the Hyo at the top.

Bouson looks dumb here
Allen Key, Shota, Bouson, Hyo, Vincent (oh, he's back on my doodles!), and Kale. Ohhhh snap.

Look it's another boy with a tail
Just a page o' Hyo. I tried drawing his face a bit differently, and I liked how it looked but could never repeat my success. Bugger.

That's probably the best dragon I've drawn in a long time
Hyo, Uuuugggglllly Vincent, and some Nicholas. Plus a dragon. The Nicholas doodles in the upper right corner are from a drabble I did and told Nat I would post but never did.... oops. (SHE'S AT AX SO MAYBE SHE'LL NEVER SEE THIS AND HAVE FORGOTTEN)

I lust after this guy almost as much as I lust after Kino.

Vincent offers wise advice
Leo Thorne on two feet! And Vincent. Again.

Although it was for Advanced Typography, which was a cool class.
SURPRISINGLY NO VINCENT. Honestly. Those are just Nicholas doodles. And Hyo doodles at the top. This was in the middle of notes I had taken in my sketchbook. There is not place for lousy NOTES in a book of doodles!!

I want to make these
Basically the human versions of some of my characters wearing masks/hats of their beast forms.

Check out my pokeymans
Gijinka Pokémon: Jolteon and Darkrai. Plus Chase and Chasyx.

I actually haven't finished Digimon Savers yet
Mercurimon Gijinka. He's my favorite Digimon. ♥

Roy's my boy
Remember Roy from Ensuing? No, I didn't think so. It feels like I hadn't drawn him in years, so here's a bit of an updated version. I still love you Roy, even if I have completely ignored you!

Hyo, Mask-wearing Leo Thorne, a teeny tiny Jacuzzi, and two Kaijis. ZAWA ZAWA

Allen Key and Hyo. I honestly just scanned this for Allen getting punched.

Look at those awesome notes!
Errr, "notes" I took during an Open House meeting. We've got some Vincent, Allen, some beasts, and a little Jacuzzi.

I actually like these
Hyo, Hyo, Hyo, aaaaannnndddd Vincent. I really, really like how Vincent looks here. I just wish it was more obvious that it's supposed to be Vincent.

He sort of looks like a retard in all of these
Just some Hyo.

Dude looks like a lady
And then I suddenly decided I had way too many males characters and Hyo got a sex change. Hyo's base form looks like a snow leopard. Sorta. BUT REMEMBER SHE'S A DRAGON OMG.


Tags: baccano, digimon, doodles, ergo proxy, gurren-dan, oer, orichara, pokémon, ygo
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