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Kanokon - Review (aka: Why did I watch this?)

Lots of rage-induced rambling. And proof I'm a horrible person.

Okay, so I started reading Kanokon ages ago... I liked the style of the novel illustrations, so I started reading the manga. The manga was a tiny bit too "plot-what-plot" for me, but I like fox girls so I kept up with it. When the anime started coming out, I started watching it.

Ugh. What a shitty series. I really like the concept of demons/youkai and humans living together secretly, since it's the basic plot of a story I've been playing with for the last five years, and I like demons (as the world knows), and I really like the art style of the series, but UGH. UGGGHHHH. Goddammit Chizuru!! This could have been an interesting series if the point of it wasn't made to be "LET'S HAVE SEX WITH KOUTA OMG!!!!" FAIL. I don't even care that the series was very nearly porn, I WANT PLOT, BITCHES.

For example!! Episode 10 (HOW DID I WATCH TO EPISODE TEN OF THIS SHIT?) has Kouta "awakening" and kicking ass. It was REALLY COOL. It would have made the episode spectacularly win, but the first half was just the usual "I'm trying to sex up Kouta" stuff, so it just make the episode mediocre. I was really excited, because this was neat stuff. So I hurried to watch the last two episodes, and NOT A PEEP ABOUT WHAT HAPPENED IN EPISODE 10. WHAT. THE. FUCK. I was actually excited to watch this series. UGGGHHHHHH. What happened to the little girl and her Nue? She totally said, "Oh, he's awakened. Not the way I had planned, but it works nonetheless." Or at least something along those lines. WHAT? WHAAAATTT? WHAT'S GOING ON? I DON'T GET IT.





Honestly, I was hoping that Kouta would jump Chizuru. Like, "BAM! DOWN BITCH I DO YOU!!" Or something. Because her constant sexual attacks pissed me off. I wanted him to sexually attack her. I've never wished for something like that to happen. Maybe I wanted that because that would mean something INTERESTING WOULD HAVE HAPPENED.

And another thing! Kouta is like... half Chizuru's height! When she tried to sex him up, it looks like she's raping a little kid. And he cries and stuff too, it's pretty bad. No, it's really bad.

The series needed more Tayura too. He was the best character. I felt bad that he was just the gopher for most of the series. =(

Shitty series. Do not watch it.

Please save yourself the harddrive space, time, and brain cells.

There is one good thing about watching this series though... I also watch Wagaya no Oinari-sama (another kitsune series) as well, and it's very mediocre (IMHO... it's sort of like Rental Magica... not bad, but nothing special). But if I watch it after Kanokon, it's like water in a desert, it's soooooo good.

I need to take a shower and wash this Kanokon crap off of me. I feel so dirty.
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