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There and Back Again. I guess.

Finally got around to changing my layout for the Summer. It's Gurren Lagann themed this time! I also changed my info page a teeny tiny bit because I really wanted to use that picture.

I went into San Francisco today. I was hoping to say hi to Shaenon and Jason at Viz, but no such luck. Oh well, maybe next time. Actually, I didn't really get to say hi to many people at all this time, and that made me really sad. Everyone looked so busy, I decided that the few people I did recognize could do without my bothersome random appearance. I sat across from where I worked most of the time I was an intern and read more Septimus Heap.

Speaking of Septimus... blookie, you were right, it just gets better! I'm on the third book, Physik, now. I ended up buying Flyte and Physik last week when Nur and I went to Bay Books. I bought three of the Earthsea books (books 2-4, lol), the first Spiderwick, and the first two Demonata books. I really need to stop buying books. I looked for Fablehaven, but no luck. I haven't checked the library for it yet though.

But back to Septimus! I'm having such a good time being pulled into these books. The way I think has been altered to fit the way I read them. It's really weird. I'm loving every minute of the books and, best of all, they're making me want to write. For the first time in forever (maybe the first time ever), I want to WRITE a story, not draw it. It's not even based on the books or anything, it's just a fantasy story that finally gives my long-wandering RP character Hyo her own spot in a story. She's finally not an add-in for another series.

I ended up waking up way too early this morning because I realized a foolish, foolish mistake I had made relating with a series I just finished. Instead of saving the bitmaps at 1200 pixels per inch, I saved them at 1200 pixels per centimeter! AARRGGG! Luckily, I realized this at 5am so I had an hour and a half before Nur picked me up to catch BART to fix this problem. Also luckily, Artemis was a very good boy (I just backed up and then cleared 8 gigs of old work, so he probably liked that), so I actually finished very quickly. I still feel like an idiot for making such a mistake though.

The city was nice. Nur gets to BART before 7am, and I didn't want to disrupt his schedule, so he picked me up at about the usual time he'd leave (I think). We chatted about the latest Kaiba episodes (which are, btw, SO GOOD). My plans were: go to Japan Town and go to Viz around 2pm, so I had a lot of time to do other things. Most places in J-Town don't open until 10:30 and we were in the city at about 8am, so I bid Nur a good day and wandered until I found a clean-looking coffee shop that had open tables. It turned out to be an easier quest than I thought, and I found a Starbucks in a really nice area just a few blocks away from Market Street. I got some hot chocolate, finished reading the second Septimus book, and started on the third. Around 9:30 I slowly made my way to J-Town. It only took about 30 minutes to get there, so I sat in some nice shade and read some more.

At 10:30ish, I headed to Kinokuniya and spent more money on manga then I ever have before in a single trip. Everything was really neat and I was able to fill in a lot of holes I had in my collections. Some highlights:

-Mononoke v1: I was sort of hesitant, because I thought I had seen a picture of the manga and it was so-so, but I'm so happy I got this. It's gorgeous. So very gorgeous. I thought it'd be a one-shot, but this volume only covers the first half of the first Bake Neko arc.

-Baccano! v2: It's really not that great, but it is Baccano!, and has some cute scenes. Plus, I'm just happy that I finally got my hands on this. They still didn't have any of the novels I'm looking for, alas.

-Natsume no Yuujinchou v1-5: It's just so pretty. *_*

-Kaitou! Pokémon 7 v1: Not only does the main character have a Lucario and wear goggles, but there is a Darkrai on the back AND THE MAIN CHARACTER IS A KAITOU. OMG. Theives + Lucario + Goggles +Darkrai = fangirl explosion. Now if Yellow and a Jolteon suddenly appeared, this might be the most perfect Pokémon thing ever.

BUT I SPENT SO MUCH MONEY. (I think I bought 23 volumes, ouch. OUCH.)

I grabbed some salmon onigiri from the market (delicious!!) and sat in the sun reading my new finds. It was lots of fun. After food, I slowly made my way to Viz. It's always a fun adventure heading down there from J-Town. I know the names of the streets around the building and the general direction, so I figure I can wander down any street I want as long as I head in a general North-East direction. I always find cool new places that way. I stopped by Doublepunch on the way (it's right up the street from Viz) and picked up three Gurren Lagann box figures (as if I hadn't spent enough at Kinokuniya). I was really hoping for a Kamina just because he looked SO ADORABLE, but I got two Lord Genomes and a Nia. I gave Nur the extra. They're pretty awesome, and the art on some of the cards they came with is really neat. I forgot to scan them today, I'll do it next time.

After visiting Viz, I headed back to the Market Street area and went to the Starbucks near where my mom has her Landscape Architecture classes. I really didn't want to get anything, but I felt hungry (just not really for what they had) and I didn't want to sit in there without buying anything (it was nice in there and I didn't want to leave), so I bought a small hot chocolate. Too much hot chocolate in one day for me! My mom had class, so she stopped by beforehand and we chatted for a bit. Then it was off to her class for her and off to meet up with Nur and head home for me!

Anyway. Something maybe more interesting. Doodles. I haven't really had much of a chance to draw lately. School and work took up all my time and all possible drawing time that I could squeeze out of the day went towards Steampunk High School (which, since it was part of my senior project, sort of counts as school I guess). After school finished, I had to catch up with work and move and junk, so blah.

Oh, and remember that doodle meme back from... Septemberish? That I swore I'd do. Well, I did it. But I don't think I'll post the pictures. Well, I might, but I won't say, "this is for so-and-so," and stuff, because some are SO UGLY. I'm really sorry. Really, really sorry. I haven't really posted a lot of art this entire year, and it was mainly because I just felt so guilty about those meme pictures. I'll try to get them scanned and posted later. I actually have a ton of art from the first quarter or so of the school year that I never uploaded.


Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
This was the last door sign I drew for Minna no Anime. I had been drawing really ugly things for a number of weeks before the last meeting, but since it was THE LAST MEETING for me, I felt I needed to put effort into this one. It's Vincent and Pino from Ergo Proxy, my favorite subjects for these door signs. I tried to do a perspective thing where the viewer was sort of looking at them from a higher angle, but that sort of fell through real quick and Vincent just ended up looking awkward and out of proportion. I like how his upper half turned out. I really like drawing him.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
My beloved character Kale and Kaitou KID(-sama). I caught up on Detective Conan one day, and talk of pairings made me desire KID-sama stuffs. He looks.... awkward (this will be the keyword for most of these pictures), like his mouth is wrong. I like how Kale looks though. I don't really know why I drew them so close together, Kale's not a Conan OC or anything. I dunno.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
This is the best part of a half-sheet of Septimus book doodles from this morning. Unfortunately all the walking rubbed it into oblivion. I had grown to like the one on the right before it was smudged so much. I wanted to finish Boy 412 on the right too, but I forgot what his clothes looked like. Oh well.

Uh, I guess that's all. I thought I had more. I'll dump my Tegaki stuff later. And if I find that sketchbook, those meme pictures and other stuff from Fall last year. It's sad, but I think they look better than these do by a long shot. *sob*

Oh, and I won't be going to AX this year. =\ Nur and I decided that it wasn't worth it just going down late Friday for Saturday and maybe part of Sunday and having to drive all the way back Sunday afternoon. I'm a bit sad, but our trip is only a bit over a month away now and it's better to save the money for that. We're going to have a "make geeky clothes" sort of weekend where we try to screenprint and paint anime-inspired clothes. I want a Pumpkin Scissors shirt! =D,
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