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I am now gradjeeated

Graduation was on Saturday. The big graduation was boring, but I was able to sit next to Robby, who is really cool. We talked about how our gowns, plus the gowns the professors wear, made us feel like we were going to Hogwarts. Lots of fun and geekiness. The small graduation was really nice though. At Cal Poly (I don't know if all colleges do this or not) we have the big graduation, then everyone divides up into their majors and have small graduations. The Graphic Communication one was only about 40 students, so it was a lot more personal. As we went up, Professor Macro would tell a story about each of us. I only had two classes with him and I was always in the back, so I didn't think he had anything on me, but he did! I couldn't believe he remembered! He's such a great professor. I was so happy to see so many of my favorite professors there. So cool. I will miss them!

My family was a lot more responsive (and kinder) to me that night. Thanks for all the kind responses to my last entry, you guys are the best!! I got a bit of money from my relatives, so instead of investing it and being a responsible adult, I'm going to buy RockBand. ...even though I don't have a 360 (Nur does, and he lives down the street about a mile or two).

I'm back home in San Ramon now too. I have the next week to organize all my stuff in my room. My parents keep telling me I need to get a storage unit because I can't fit everything in my room, but I think they're asking a little much... I mean, fitting everything I own into the smallest bedroom in the house? Can't I store my kitchen stuff in the garage? Oh well, I'll figure it out. I should be able to get everything fixed up before my one-week deadline is up. My room shall be a wonderful library. I think I shall name it after either a town or the Bee Hive from Tegami Bachi. I haven't quite decided yet.

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Niche and Pants, come together to create... NICHE, LAG'S DINGO!!!

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D'AWWWWWWW. I love this series. I really want to cosplay as one of the Bees... maybe Zaji. I really want to do fanart for the series too...
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