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Awesome people and my huge ego/attitude problem

On Thursday I had a great time over at Eric, James, and David's place. Lots of people came, we had some yummy curry Eric made, some cake that Audrey made, some cheesecake, and some immortality that tasted like apples (aka Martinelli's). We played games and OMG I want RockBand. I knew it was fun, but oh man I had such a blast. I'll have to try to get it sometime. I'll miss everyone greatly, I had so much fun!!

I've been working hard to pack and clean the apartment. We have a lot of stuff, so it has taken a long time. I DO NOT need everyone telling me that I have a lot of stuff. I know I have a lot of stuff. Bugger off. I'm so tired of being told about my possessions (sorry, I really like books?). I'm also sick of people telling me about the state of the apartment. Obviously, they've never seen it in its normal state, because it is fine right now. It's very, very tidy for our apartment, and I'd say it's very tidy for someone who is ABOUT TO MOVE. Ughhh.

I want to cry for attention from my relatives/parents. It's MY graduation, right? Can we pay attention to ME? Is that too much to ask? I know no one gives a damn about my interests, work, and what I do in life, but can you pretend? Noah got to give a huge presentation about his senior project and stuff to my relatives, but my senior project gets a mention, and that's all. I kept copies of the books out in case they wanted to see them after we all had dinner last night. My mom did ask me if she could look at them, but when they dropped me off at my apartment, they just got the tickets for graduation and left. Is it because my project wasn't up for any awards? Or is it because it is a comic anthology? Maybe comic anthologies don't count as "real" senior projects.

Ugh. I'm in such a bad mood, and I don't know if it will improve until I get home. Even the trip back will be bleh... my dad wants to talk to me about "things I need and should do as an adult." I don't want to hear about it. Give me a little breathing room after graduation, then let's have the serious talk. When I'm not in a slaughtering mood. Please?

Ughhh, I'm feeling so blaaaaaahhhh. At least Nur and I will (hopefully) be able to Pictochat during the big ceremony!!

Whoa, I'm in such a good mood now. I was going through the kure-nai novels and there are so many adorable pictures of Shinkurou and Murasaki, I couldn't help but become very happy! I can't figure out which pictures in these books I like more, Shinkurou taking care of Murasaki (he's such a good big brother-type) or Shinkurou being a badass.
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