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I am DONE.

I am done with finals. DONE. DONE. Now I just have packing, cleaning, and graduation to worry about. Oh, and I need to geekify my graduation gown.

The only bad thing about finishing finals so early is that I don't have an excuse to take days off from work anymore! Not that work will be that hard now that I don't have to balance it with school, I'm just feeling exceedingly lazy now! I think I'll just party by myself the rest of today.

I am now the only one living in the Apartment of Awesome. Sarah moved out a couple weeks ago, Jenn left yesterday, and Nur has been living in San Ramon for over a month (he comes back on the weekends). So I now claim this apartment as my own. It is my (messy) castle. I have even hoisted (err, pinned up) a flag. It's the Straw Hat flag from Open House last year. This is he first time I've ever lived by myself. I may only be alone until Friday, but it's still a little fun and exciting. And a little lonely.
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