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I think I should be angry, but...

So one of my teachers just saw me in the hall and told me she thought of me this morning because she received an e-mail from a Bay Area company that is looking for interns to work on Japanese comics. I thought a second and said, "Hudson Yards?" And yup, I was correct.

So, lol, there is the possibility to get an internship with the company that my work got moved too. I checked out their website, and I have to say I'm not really impressed. I can't say anything about their touch-up photo work or their comic stuff (since I see no examples), but their magazine work is quite underwhelming. Still, maybe this is something I should look into.

I think I should be angry that my work was taken away, but they need to find interns to work on it (okay, not specifically the series, but the basic work itself), but really? I find this pretty hilarious. For some dumb reason, it makes me laugh. We'll see, this might be good for me. This teacher said she'd recommend me for the job. I'm a bit afraid because I'll be gone pretty much all of August, and I think I like my "work at home" gig I have now, but who knows? I'll definitely think it over.
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