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Gurren-dan cape woes

I worked for a while on my cape today. The main part of it is done, I just need to put the collar, buttons, and cord on it. I had a collar on it, but it was way too small... and I don't want to put the rest on until I know for sure where the collar will be ending. Alas, I wanted to finish it today. Tomorrow I'll start Maka's coat, so I'll just finish up the cape when I find the time. Maka is more important!

I wanted to paint Soul Eater today, but I couldn't find the sandpaper to sand down the primer coat. Bah. I'll have to pick some up on Sunday and paint it then.

Oh! And the ebay person I ordered my wig from sent me a second one. They're the same color and style, and I only paid for one... should I just send the other one back?
Tags: cosplay
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