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Well, that's done.

I took a midterm this morning for my "Freedom and Equality in America" class. It was a writing test, we had four short answer ("dump all your concrete knowledge on subject X") questions and one opinionated essay. Each section allowed you to chose between one of two prompts. So, section one: talk about how Europeans saw Native Americans? Check. Section two: talk about Madison's fears for the future of the country through Federalist Papers 10 and 51? Uhhh, sort of check. Section three: talk about the cultural elements that emerged in New York during the second quarter of the nineteenth century? Cheeeeccccck! Section four: Discuss why slave-owners believed their relationship with their slaves was "paternal." FREAKING CHECKITY CHECK CHECK. I was feeling pretty alright about those. But then I get to the essay. I get to chose between something about Madison and his Federalist Papers and Whitman's views in "Song of Myself" and why they are or are not compelling. WHAT. Way to take the TWO topics I can barely talk about because I don't like and don't care about (I think they are boring). Ughhh. I remember a fair portion of "Song of Myself," but it was all the stuff on one main theme. So, I just talked for a couple pages on how I like Whitman's views but they are impossible to achieve and therefore cannot be compelled by his reasoning, however sweet it may sound. I actually think my arguments were pretty well written, but I was scraping the bottom of the barrel for references from the poem. I totally skipped over "Song of Myself" and the Federalist Papers while studying, because what was the chance of both essay questions being on them? Heh. Well, not too much use worrying about it now.

Now that my midterm is behind me, the only things I really need to focus on this week are Viz work and cosplay work! I'm so happy! =D
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