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I wish I always had Baccano! dreams.

Whoa. Really weird, really cool dream.

Baccano! wasn't an animated series, it was live action. It was more like "live action," because it looked like it was an anime, but I was in the studio as they were filming it. They were doing some tests with different lighting. The director said that at first he had planned everything to be under a pink light, but was messing around and found a cool combination of colors to use. I was trying to take pictures, but once filming started, everyone else wanted to take pictures and they were taller. So, I couldn't take any. I looked around and saw the Pussyfoot behind me. It was pretty small (maybe half-size?), but it looked like a real train. I started inspecting it, looking to see if they had made an actual train or if they had just adapted one. I was trying to take pictures of the train when this guy with a knife ran past me. I guess Issac and Jacuzzi were hanging around the director, who was near me. He told them that this would be good practice for their characters, so get into character and chase down the guy with the knife. They took off after the guy, and I of course followed.

Jacuzzi was pretty fast, so he was way ahead. But I guess the guy threatened him, because we came around a bend and he was crying on the ground. (I totally thought, "Wow, he's in character now!) Issac asked him if he was going to let the guy push him around like that and Jacuzzi wiped away his tears and ran after the guy again. Issac and I followed. (I really didn't DO anything in the dream, I just followed and watched, like some sort of stalker-ghost.) We came upon a dark, old warehouse and went inside. There were two Jacuzzis. One was little Jacuzzi, one was regular Jacuzzi. The little one had been knocked against the wall, but had succeeded in knocking the knife away from the guy. The other Jacuzzi picked up the knife and the guy ran away. Nice came in from the other side of the warehouse and complimented both Jacuzzis. Regular Jacuzzi gave little Jacuzzi the knife, and all these little kids ran into the warehouse. Little Jacuzzi showed them the knife and they started complimenting him. "Oh wow!" "You did it!" "This is a cool knife!" "You're awesome!" I thought, "Ah, so this is how he got his gang." ....and then I woke up.
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