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Well, Open House madness has begun. Our real public work isn't until tomorrow, but we've been waist deep in other things for a while. I'm so incredibly proud of all the members who have been spending their days working on our new booth and helping out with preparations. They've all shown so much dedication and care, it's really wonderful.

So yesterday I got to my way-too-early class to notice my necklace chain was loose. It does this occasionally after getting caught in my hair, so I took it off and... the pendant wasn't there. T^T I looked all around, felt through around in my clothes (that must have looked awkward), but couldn't find it. It's not an expensive necklace or anything, it's just a inexpensive copy of Vincent's necklace, but I've been wearing it for the last six months pretty much straight (I have to take it off at dance practice) so it's been worn down nicely and I really liked it. I retraced my steps to the edge of campus because we got out of class early, but I couldn't find it. After my last class, I looked for it the entire way home. Still, no dice. But, as if to make up for my loss, my two Ergo Proxy wallscrolls came in yesterday. Well Vincent, I may have lost the pendant, but now I shall have you on my wall. Twice. I swear, when I move back home my walls will be covered in Kino and Vincent. Not that that's bad. =3

I watched "The Daughter of Twenty Faces" this morning. It's a thief show by Bones. It looks super freaking awesome, I'm so beyond excited to watch more. I love thieves. I'll fangirl about it (and Soul Eater 2) later, I need to get back to work. =D
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