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Lions and Cosplay and Bats, OH MY!


I've passed one hurdle for my long-distance work sprint. 283 pages left! ...and then I start work on a different volume of a different series. Which is hopefully easier. The last volume was pretty damn easy, so hopefully this one will be too?

Nur, Nat, and I went downtown today to look for cosplay stuff at Ross. I actually found a near-perfect tie for Maka and some socks for Jacuzzi. We also found a lion puppet that roared and was generally adorable. I tried to get Nat and Nur to buy it, but they were too crafty and pushed me to buy it instead. So now I have a new lion! Maybe the best $3.50 I've ever spent. Nur and I went to the bookstore to find books on Africa to find a good name for him. We decided on Masai, which is an area in Africa with a wildlife preserve some lions live on. What? Grow up? Why?

I've been watching quite a bit recently. It makes work go slower, but it keeps me pretty happy, so I'm willing to make the sacrifice. I've been trying to finish all sort of series I have on DVD that I started but never got all the way through. Last Friday I finished Shingu after nearly two years (SO very good. I'll post more about it later). Yesterday, I finally watched the last episode of Dai-Guard after stopping for over a year. Now I'm making my way through the last two discs of Kenran Butoh Sai: The Mars Daybreak. I've also been watching lots of Batman Beyond. I got the first and third seasons over break via my sister's favorite used video store, and we've been racing through them. I have one disc left, and I'll have watched everything I have. CURSE MY FAVORITE EPISODES FOR BEING IN SEASON TWO. BAAAAW ZETA WHY~ Even so, this series is so freaking awesome. And it has a lot of suggestive lines that I didn't notice when I first saw it. Interesting stuff.

I finally took the time to make the new layout for the new quarter. It's simple as ever, but now it's Kaiji-themed! Somehow, I really do think Kaiji is appropriate for my last quarter at school.
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