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Last night, at Minna... (Spring Quarter A-Go! Week 1)


HAPPY (late, as usual) BIRTHDAY to hip_cyclobutane and ninja_nik!!!

kiwimangoodness, I got the hat! Thank-you, I'm wearing it all the time because it is SO FREAKING AWESOME. Oofuriness at Fanime? HELLS YES. Thank-you so very very much for the picture too, it's GORGEOUS. My jaw absolutely dropped when I saw it. Thank-you thank-you thank-you! ♥

Yay, back from break. Minna is the only good thing that comes from going back to school.

Fansub o' - Gun-Do Musashi - There were no subs of any of the Spring shows I wanted to see, so we showed Musashi. Nur and I had been talking about showing it for ages. Talk about Quality. Yes, with a capital Q. I guess more like QUALITY. Okay, no, it's was pretty much crap. We showed it for the laughs. The show completely lives up to it's reputation. Not only was the animation horrid, but the story was ???. Maybe if I had paid more attention, I would have understood the story better. I mean, why is Musashi taking castles? How does he keep them? Does he take them and give them back? SO MANY QUESTIONS.

L/R - After watching Musashi, L/R's animation actually looks alright. LOL.

Law of Ueki - Chu chuchuu chuchu chu chuuuu! Chuuu!! Chu chuuu chu. (Last night was the Cat and Mouse episode! Cuuuute!! I love this show.)

Gun x Sword - The Claw's plan for the world is CREEEEEEPY. Who would think that's a good plan? Wendy, you were pretty cool in this episode. Stay strong, girl, stay strong.

Master Badass Keaton - We're showing select episodes now, since we won't be able to finish the series. Last night's episode had young Keaton! It was the episode he meets Daniel. Keaton, never stop being a badass.

Mushishi - This was the episode with the girl who records tales of Mushi defeats. I remember hearing a lot of people against her being paired with Ginko, but I don't see why. They were really adorable together.

DINNNNNERRRR BREAK - We discussed club promotional material or Open House and filler plans when the regular shows finish. Then we watched an episode of Chii's Sweet Home (CUTEST SHOW EVARRR) and everyone's teeth fell out because it was so cute.

Otogi Zoshi - I wonder if they'll ever get back to the original plot line. These filler-ish episodes are pretty interesting, I just want to have some more development on the original plot.

Noein - Okay, so we've known that Karas is Yu from 15 years in the future for what, 18 episodes now? But when Yu and Haruka end up in La'cyrma and Yu is flashing between Karas's form and his own? SO HOT. How wrong is that. I'll tell you, very wrong. BUT SO HOT. Also, Atori is back and doing nice things? I hope it stays like this. But I liked him better docile.

D'eon - After several weeks D'eon-less because of the lack of discs, it's back and... well, same as usual. I chatted with Nik and Nur about the new season of anime in the booth, so I really didn't pay all that much attention to it. The character that died though... I sort of liked him.

Ergo Ergo Proxykins - PINO EPISODE. Ye gods Pino, you are adorable beyond belief. You make me smile all the time. And Will B. Good's drawing of Vincent and Re-l? HOT. They look really good in that style. Also much love for Vincent following Pino's advice. They're so cute. Oh oh oh, I totally want those "Attack of the Ergo Proxy!!" movie posters. Totally awesome.

I've been holding out for subbed versions of the spring anime series, so I've only watched two new shows. Those would be Chii's Sweet Home (adorable, that's all I'll saw about it) and Kanokon. I've been sort of keeping up with the Kanokon manga, and it's interesting enough to check out. The anime is way more pervy than I thought the manga was. My scans are on Kaiji and I'm too lazy to hook him up to see. I know they're both based off of the Kanokon novel series, so I wonder which one is closer. There were some scenes that were a bit disturbing in my opinion... just because Kouta, the male lead seems like such a innocent kid (who is called the Ero King, lol). Plus, he's like, three feet tall. It just seems so wrong! I'll check out a bit more before deciding whether to keep it or not. I think Chizuru and Kouta are adorable together, and the art style is really cute (which adds to the disturbing nature of it). Soul Eater is out soon, and I'll be grabbing the raws of that, because I've reread the first volumes of the manga a million point two times and it seems like it'll be keeping with the manga storylines. There is a bunch of other new stuff that will probably come out with subs this week that I'll probably check out. It'll keep me sane while trying to push through all of this work and stuff.

Job-Work Status: 346 pages to be finished by 5/13
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