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Wow, talk about lucky


I started my last quarter of college yesterday. All of my classes seem pretty chill and my longest day finishes at 2pm, so everything looks good. THANK FREAKING GOD. I didn't plan things out well enough, so I'll be packing in the pages for work like nobody's business for the next month and a half. I have two volumes due before 5/13, which gives me (as of typing this) 383 pages to do in 41 days. Plus, I have to finish Orichalcum and get it to the printers asap. Busy, busy busy. I think it's very doable, and I'm just relieved that it happened this quarter and not last quarter. If it had, I would be crying. Man, last quarter generally sucked.

BUT OH MY OH MY. Nur and I watched the first two episodes of Chi's Sweet Home. If life starts to suck, I'm certain that watching an episode of it will make everything better. It's just too damn cute!!

I need to make my new layout for the new quarter soon. Hmmmm...

(oh, and that picture is from Birdy the Mighty, which is awesome and I will post about later. I just loved the picture so much I wanted to use it~)
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