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I need more Ergo Proxy icons. And Soul Eater ones.

Artemis is obviously back in my hands. It seems like his entire top case was replaced. It just...feels a bit different. He works like a dream once again, so all is well and happy.

I had my magnificent Ergo Proxy Marathon yesterday, but it was cut unfortunately short. I had to pick up Arty from the Apple Store in the morning, and I ended up going to lunch with Amanda, both which were good activities. She and I ended up watching the first disc of Ergo (and bits of other episodes). She had to leave for work in the late afternoon, so I watched a couple of my favorite episodes while I helped prep dinner. I'll have to continue my marathon on Sunday when I'm back in SLO. I can't just leave the better part of four discs unwatched! They would get... jealous of the first disc... or something. (lies lies lies)

Yesterday evening my uncle, aunt, and one of my cousins from Fallbrook spent the night. They're completely awesome and I had a great time. I wish they were able to stay longer, but they left this morning for Napa Valley to go wine tasting! I hope they are having fun.

My dad and I finished Soul Eater (scythe form) for my Maka costume this afternoon. Honestly, it's not quite finished, it's only fully constructed. I'll paint it when I'm in SLO. I just hope it's acceptable at Fanime; it's about 6 feet tall with a 6 foot blade and the handle is made of aluminum. =\ Even if it's not checked out, I should be able to take pictures with it outside the convention center. Even I'll admit that it's a bit dangerous to walk around with... too top-heavy to properly control! How does Maka do it?
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