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And it's spring breaaaakkkk!

So got my financial situation turned around and life is good again. Well, sorta.

Something happened to my laptop and the keyboard and trackpad no longer work. Bummer. Luckily, AppleCare is one-hundred percent awesome, and they ordered new parts to fix it. It may be just that the connection inside had come undone, but since I've had trackpad-related kernal panics, they decided it would be best just to replace the questionable part. And with AppleCare, it costs me NOTHING. Huzzah! I just hope that it's just a little problem. Until they get the parts in, I have the old family computer's keyboard hooked up (noisiest keys ever... KLACK CLACK KLACK) and my tablet acting as a mouse. It's a bit of a nuisance, but manageable. It has sort of turned my laptop into a desktop... it takes two trips to move it all anywhere!

My peaceful sweet hometown seems to have changed a bit in the last three months. Or at least, all sorts of bad things happened within a short amount of time. The afternoon Nur and I got back, we noticed three helicopters circling the area. They would stop pretty much directly over our house, so it was a little freaky. We found out the next day that the little brother of a marching band friend had been fatally hit by a bus. Very, very sad. I couldn't even finish reading the article about it. D= Then I found out that a couple that lived down the street but had moved two towns over had been bludgeoned to death. It wasn't a robbery, they say it was a planned murder. They questioned people from the school district, because I guess there was a lot of hate between him and the district. And finally, the three cop cars with four police officers, a motorcycle cop, and a fire engine all converged on a neighbor's house (across the street from my next door neighbor) and had the parents and son separated. They were there for a while, but we haven't found out what was going on. The son had his hands on his head and three of the officers were watching him. Strange stuff. Sad stuff.

I'm going into San Francisco tomorrow. I have a lunch appointment at 1:30, but my mom has a conference also in the city at 10:30, so I'm going early. I was just going to hang out in the area, but my mom suggested I go to Japan Town. No kidding. She said something like, "Well, why don't you go to Japan Town first, since you'll be going there anyway." To which I said, "No, actually, I wasn't. I was just going to hang out around the office area until 1:30." (No lie, I was actually going to try to stay away from J-Town) My mother responded with something like, "Well, maybe you should just go there first anyway." (Or something that was suggesting I go there. I guess the piers are too seedy for me to hang out around. I guess this was I can see if they have the second volume of the Baccano! manga and the third volume of Kotokuri.
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