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The days are counting down...

It's been a full day! I only have one class on Wednesdays, but I had some tough pages for work and lots to do on my book project. @_@ I'll be so relieved when it's al turned in! I just have to make one more drawing then check over to make sure I have everything before Friday when we will be printing.


The day was made much, much more enjoyable by putting on a series I often forget about but love incredibly nonetheless... Fruits Basket. I had been talking to Nur about it over the weekend, so I started watching it over again on Monday while I worked. Today I watched the last two discs. What a fantastic series. I've fallen in love with it all over again! This series fills my heart with joy and happiness. Yes, working on tough pages and slaving over my book might have sucked, but hell, it's a-okay because Fruits Basket is awesome.

It also brings back so many memories! Amanda, do you remember our senior year? I still have my 'Gure kimono~ XD

Ahh, I'm in such a good mood! ♥
Tags: anime, manga, school, viz, work
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