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I keep forgetting to say this (jeez, how many weeks has it been?), but welcome awesome people from the Oofuri friending meme!! ♥

So, last night at Minna...

Fansub O' - KAIJI! ♥I love this series, although it makes me so tense and nervous. I just want Kaiji to geta good break for once! I actually made two door signs with Kaiji (one regular, one waifu), and I'll scan those probably tomorrow. I have some work to do on the regular one that will change it from a door sign to an actual picture, so it might take a few days.

L/R - This is one of my favorite episodes. I think it really does a good job of further presenting the characters and their traits. Rowe is still a million times better than Jack.

Law of Ueki - Wanko Inumaru looks so cool~ I like him lots, and I hope he'll get lots more screentime in the coming episodes.

Gun x Sword - BEST FANSERVICE EPISODE EVER. I was dying in my chair. This is a series I really should try to pick up. So very good.

Master Badass Keaton - Slow episode, but a good one. A touching one. Next episode has Charlie in it! Yay!

Mushishi - This series is so depressing. The episodes start out happy enough but then they just go down, down, down... spiraling into depressing. And, at the very end, they seem to make is just happy enough that you're not completely depressed. Every episode I think, "Nice save!" Still, I love this series so very much. I want to make Mushishi shirts!

Otogi Zoshi - A good episode. I think Sadamitsu would have come off a lot cooler if he didn't look so retarded in the dumb outfit. His dad is pretty hot and manly though. =D

Noein - Kuina, I feel for you man, I really do. It's all good, you don't need all those other characters! Just take it easy and chill with your few remaining body parts. I wish I had a Karasu to guard me though. =D

Also, jeez guys. It's only funny for so long. No, you cannot understand the Spanish subtitles. No. You cannot. I don't care if you think you can, I highly doubt you can. As someone said last night, the quantum mechanics are hard enough to understand in English. Plus, even if you could, everyone else cannot. So stop asking. It's not going to happen. If you want to have the subtitles on, go buy the series and watch it by yourself with the subtitles on. Sorry guys, but it's really not funny anymore.

D'eon - Ah, so it looks like stuff it happening. I'm still hoping that it will suddenly grab me, but I still feel disgusted by the retardation that seems to come up over and over again. I can't help but be utterly disappointed every episode. To save this show, they have to do something really easy. Kill D'eon. Then it would be a show about Teillagory and Robin, and Durand could come and chill ever so often. That would be a kickass show.

Ergo Proxy - Raul! I can't believe you did that! Your crazy actions were really impressive, even if they are going to cause hell in the future (oh, you know it will). I loved his version of Vincent... evil eyes with the slicked back hair... oh, it was so deliciously devious-looking. I... I think I want to write horrible evil Vincent stories... or draw evil Vincent... Mmmm, delicious Vincent.

Styling wigs is hard. I'm going to do a photoshoot in my Syaoran costume tomorrow, so I figured I ought to actually make a wig for the costume since I've always been too half-assed to do one. It makes me feel bad that I've worn this costume to... three conventions and it's still not complete? Ugh. Hopefully this one will turn out... passable. (Any pointers on general styling?)

I've been working on my book project, but it's pretty much just playing around with it, stopping, playing around with it, stopping... I can't figure out if things look alright. I guess I could work on the illustrations for it in the mean time...

Edit: If anyone has suggestions for illustrations for the book, I'd really appreciate it. The book I'm working on is The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, the first novel of the Haruhi series. So if anyone has any suggestions from that book, I'm all ears. I'm going to draw a picture of the giants attacking the high school from the dream part, and I have some little illustrations to use as after-chapter doodles, but I'd like to do at least one other full illustration. Here's the catch: I'd rather not have any of the main characters in the picture. I'm not going to redesign the characters because their designs are so engraved into the anime fan's mind, and I'm not going to try to attempt drawing them because I don't want them to look half-assed. It makes it a bit difficult. But, if anyone has any suggestions, please tell me!
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