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Blarg blarg school sucks but life is alright

Bleeeehhh, the last week and a half have been filled with running around trying to get stupid projects and assignments done. I had a 3-hour (wtf, professor, wtf) presentation on Monday morning, so most of last week was trying to meet with my group to get it all figured out. It went well (yay for activities and exercises to eat up time!), but afterwards I was just as stressed out, if not more stressed out than before (seriously, wtf?). Now that that is done, I get to focus on every other class. And work. Huzzah. I have this huge book project to finish in the next couple weeks, and argerghrighq I'm so behind I was going to illustrate the book, but I barely have any illustrations done. Plus, we have all these little check points to do.. like I have to finish my colophon by Friday and the pre-spec packet by next Wednesday and we print our text a week from Friday. ARRGGG WHYYYY. And I have two tests in the next week, and I need to fix a project by tonight (I must not forget, I must not forget), and redo another for Friday. SCHOOL LIFE YOU SUCK.

But, it's rare for school to be awesome. Oh, I do have one class that is generally awesome though. It's my specialty printing class. Nearly every project I've done is totally geeky-awesome. I've made a Neuro shirt, a Mushishi mug, a Link glass, and a Berserk curse mark shirt. I printed the Berserk shirts yesterday, and they turned out alright. It's the curse mark dripping a little bit of blood in red and the seal that Schierke draws on it in glow in the dark ink behind it. I had major registration problems at the end, but I guess they're passable. I'll post pictures of all these things soon. =D

I got a new hard drive on Sunday. It's my super awesome anime and back-up drive, because my soon-to-be just work drive, Butler, is nearly full. I need to re-install Leopard on Artemis, because I think he had a bad install and it he has been giving me some strange errors lately. I hope it's just a bad install. If not, I have Apple Care, so everything should work out alright in the end. This new drive is my lifeline and shall be an ultimate survivor, so of course I needed to name it Kaiji. Obviously, Nur and I have started to watch Kaiji. It's super awesome.

We saw the latest Pokémon movie last night, and I have to admit I was pretty disappointed. Ash, you are the worst trainer ever. And you fail as a living creature. I want to like you, I really do, but you just keep failing and failing. I mean, seriously, "Oh no, the city is doomed unless I complete this task! Oh, I think I'll stop to see how everything is fairing every two minutes while I'm trying to complete this task!" NO. GO COMPLETE TASK. You know how they are doing? NOT TOO WELL BECAUSE IF YOU DON'T COMPLETE THIS TASK IN SOON THE CITY IS DOOMED AND EVERYONE WILL DIE. Loser. Oh, but Darkrai was awesome and looked super cool. I think the eighth movie is still my absolute favorite, because Sir Aaron and Lucario were so damn awesome. Ash was pretty cool in that one too. (What happened to you, Ash? D=)

Okay, back to work~! The best part about my job is that I can put anime or movies on the tv and it actually helps keep me on track. I think it's because if there is something to watch, I'm less likely to surf the internet in the middle of work... hmmm...
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