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Last night, at Minna:

Fansub O' - Shigofumi! I like things that have to do with mail, so I was curious about this. Too bad it was utterly depressing. I think I'll download the next episode to see if it gets better. Still, "delivering letters from the dead" is a pretty interesting concept/

L/R - And now the lack of animation quality really starts to show. Don't get me wrong, I really enjoy this series and have watched it many time, but it's really lacking in areas. Like lip synching during songs. This episode also introduced the song "Ange," which becomes so annoying throughout the series you'll never want to hear it again afterwards. The only redeeming feature of the song is that some of the verses make absolutely no sense. I mean, "On Thursday, tomb boom something something?" Sorry, I can't find the actually lyrics, and I can't really understand the engrish in the song.

Law of Ueki - Ueki should be a role model for people around the world.

Gun x Sword - HOLY CRAP VAN. Talk about your character development! This episode was incredible, and seeing Van's emotional madness was really awesome. I liked learning more about his past too.

Master Badass Keaton - Keaton shows that he can use the "ninja umbrella substitution" trick. And he takes out a killer dog, but doesn't kill the dog. Because he's a badass.

Mushishi - I had hopes that this episode would end happily, but it was pretty bittersweet instead. Still awesome though.

Otogi Zoshi - I look forward to this series every week now so I can write more stuff in danc3r_of_l0ve. I look forward to it because it is awesome as well. I look forward to most of the series in our lineup. No Mansairaku in this episode, so alas alas.

Noein - Oh snap, did Noein say what I thought he said? DUN DUN DUUUUUN. I missed Tobi and Atori. =\

D'eon - Poor Durand.

Ergo Proxy - I LOVE YOU SERIES, I LOVE YOU SO MUCH. Beyond a doubt, this show is in my top ten favorite anime series. Vincent, no one can take you seriously when you're wearing makeup like that.

Seriously. Such a great series. It makes me want to draw art for the series all day long and rewatch the episodes over and over and over again.




Okay, I'm done.

It's rainy again. I like this weather when I'm inside looking out at it.

I have one more meeting for my group project, then we present tomorrow. Afterwards, I'll be free to focus on my drawing other classes senior projectbook project, which should be fun but way too time consuming.
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