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This week, at Minna...

I bought some of those candy hearts last week when Nur and I were grocery shopping. You know, the compressed sugar ones with the little messages on them. They're really fun to play with and use for conversations, but I think I'm going to break my molars on some of them. Some of them are so hard!!

Fansub o' - Wolf and Spice - I'm tired of this. Horo is not a furry. She is not a person that has the soul/spirit of an animal. She actually is a wolf. Physically, she is a wolf. A wolf that can take a human form. Animals =/= Furrys =/= Anthros. I don't think it's that hard. =\

ANYWAY. I love this series. It's adorable and wonderful and so good. And the opening and ending songs are awesome. ♥ Lawrence~ I want to RP you, but now I have too many character journals for mna_idiotsunite. Maybe later.

L/R: Licensed by Royalty - This is a very fun show.

Law of Ueki: - Ueki, you're so cool. He's such a great guy... so trusting, such a great sense of justice. And he has Paku Romi's voice. In otherwords, 100% WIN.

Gun x Sword - Episodes I haven't seen! Episodes I haven't seen! Van's line about "never growing up" hit a soft spot with me. I think I'm pretty similar... I don't think I'll ever really grow up.

Master Badass Keaton - This was a creepy episode and Keaton didn't really do much, but it just goes to show that this series can still be good with minimal Keaton. The stories are just THAT GOOD.

Mushishi - Ginko ♥ Okay, I have ABSOLUTELY nothing against Mushishi. I LOVE this show. LOVE IT. But it KILLS ME that so many people leave for Keaton and everyone comes back for Mushishi. GAAAAHHHHH WHY? I don't want to hear those lame "I don't like episodic series" excuse, because Mushishi is AS EPISODIC AS THEY COME (not like that's a bad thing). Why can't people give Keaton a fair chance. Not just, "I guess I'll force myself to sit through this," but actually trying to keep an open mind about it. ARRRGGGG. WAY TO LEAVE DURING ONE OF THE HIGHEST QUALITY (granted, in my biased opinion) SHOWS IN OUR LINE UP. *WAAAAAAHH* Okay, I'll be good for a week or two now.

Otogi Zoshi - Mansairaku is a prick.

Noein - #(R&OS"HF"LSK Atori is so cute. And this show is so good.

D'eon - Teillagory fenced BLINDFOLDED. How badass is that? And Durand was going to cut off Robin's hand. D= But Robin was saved before he had to. YAY! ... oh, and D'eon was useless. Like usual.

Ergo Proxykins - The game show episode! I learned so much about the series' backstory in this episode. And Vincent had the greatest expressions! I may have to redo my icons for his journal now...

I've been drawing the same page for Orichalcum ALL DAY. It's not like it is a hard page, but I keep getting distracted.
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