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Perhaps a bit early, but...

They had really cheap Yu-Gi-Oh valentines at the grocery store today, so I picked some up. I was a little sad that they are all the original series, no GX. Nur came up with a great GX card, but it's entirely appropriate, so it goes underneath a cut.

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Oh Jaden~ Throw me face down~ =PThis probably doesn't make a whole lot of sense if you don't know Jaden's catch phrases... =\

I saw five turkey vultures eating yesterday. I hope they weren't eating one of the local cats. It's been a really long time since I was able to get that close to turkey vultures... they're a lot smaller than I remember... or perhaps the ones up north are bigger.

I think I have discovered the two animals I have the most trouble with drawing.
1. Horses. I need to draw a group of horses on several pages of my Orichalcum story, and I have no idea how to draw them. I've been looking over pictures and tutorials, but I'm having lots of trouble.

2. Gorillas. We have a tea box design project for my Advanced Typography class for Silverback Tea. I've been trying to draw a gorilla for it, but no dice so far. I've got the body down alright, but when I draw the face it makes them look retarded. D=
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