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Last night, at Minna...

Warning: Spoilers Ahead!

Fansub o' - 'twas Persona ~trinity soul~. I'm enjoying the series, so it was fun to see the first episode again. Although all I could really think about was, "Is son of Junpei in this episode? Is son of Junpei in this episode?" I don't recall his name, but the guy at the high school with poofy hair. He's the son of Junpei. Not really, but Nur and I like to think so.

L/R: Licensed by Royaly - The animation for this series is pretty lackluster. And I like the dub better (BRITISH ACCENTS DONE WELL WHAT?). The Japanese track is also good, don't get me wrong, but there is something about their english voices that makes me go "heeeeeee" whenever I listen to them. Jack and Rowe are also incredibly slashable. If I didn't know for a fact that they both go for women, I would bet money that they were gay for each other. Now, they might be into women and still gay for each other, which is very possible. Very, very possible. And, after rewatching the first episode, I'd say extremely possible. Oh, oh, and Jack sucks. Rowe is a million times better.

Law of Ueki - Tenko ♥!! Ueki ♥!!

Gun x Sword - I think my favorite part is how Van remembers Pricilla's name. XD

Master Badass Keaton - DOES THE GUY DIE? I do not know. Probably. Every time I see this episode I wonder about it. I really hope he doesn't. Every time I watch this episode, it also makes me crave chocolate. Keaton, like usual, is a badass. The next episode is a creepy one.

Mushishi - Way to save yourself, episode! You were totally on a path to "super depressing," but made a u-turn at the last second. Bravo, bravo.

Otogi Zoshi - We are now in the Tokyo arc. I really don't like the new opening song, but I LOVE the animation. I miss the guitar in Zen. I was afraid that the Tokyo arc would be really lame since there probably wasn't going to be any more slicing and dicing and awesome arrow scenes and stuff, but it seems like it will be pretty neat. But Sadamitsu? STOP DRESSING YOURSELF. It's embarrassing to look at you. Seriously man, I dress like a slob, and I would never wear that. And Mansairaku is still an asshat.

Noein - Have I ever said how much I love this show? Oh man oh man, I love it. Have I ever said that I hate Atori and wanted him to die? Because now I love him and want him to live forever. FOREVER. With Tobi. And Karasu. This show is incredible, every episode impresses me.

D'eon - I love every show in our line up. Every. Single. One. ......except this one. The DVDs could jump into a fire and burn burn burn for all I care. It's really sad when three awesome characters cannot make up for the utter fail of the main character. Teillagory, Robin, and Durrand are all freaking awesome. If D'eon was not in the show, I would probably be loving this show because they would get the screen time they deserve. But no. D'eon, Mr. Whine-Whine-My-Sister-Takes-Over-My-Body-And-I-Like-To-Wear-Women's-Clothes-But-I-Really-Can't-Do-Anything-By-Myself gets to be the main character. There were two fabulous scenes in this episode that made it almost bearable.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
I am SO tempted to use this in my mood theme. There would be 100+ Baccano mood theme icons, one D'eon one. The look on Robin's face here reflects the look on my own throughout most the the episodes so far.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Teillagory, you're so awesome. You need your own show. He has a great expression here. Unfortunately, the episode is too small on YouTube to show it clearly. Alas. (Please ignore my spelling errors)

I want to like this show so badly, but it's SO DAMN HARD TO .

Ergo-Ergo Proxykins - There are few shows that the power to save our last hour in club. The champion (although honestly the only one that's ever been after D'eon) is Ergo Proxy. This show makes me happy. Happier than happy. Nearly as happy as when Kino says she loves me and we go skipping off into the sunset. That hasn't happened yet, so I can only imagine the extreme joy that I would posses if it did happen. Anyway, this episode was fantastic, like all Ergo episodes. The whole "multiple version of us" thing was a bit confusing, but having two Vincents was exciting. Two glorious sexy awesome Vincents. I think I have a better idea of how Ergo's outfit works too. Is there an artbook for the series? Because that would be helpful.


I caught up on Berserk earlier this week. That series is so very good. I reread some earlier volumes as well, and you know what? Guts is actually a pretty nice guy. He's sweet to Schierke. Josh, if you are reading this, WHERE IS YOUR BERSERKER ARMOR? I'll cosplay Serpico! I'd love to do Schierke, but I'm way too tall for her (I have to draw the line someplace). Farnese would probably work best for me, but I don't like her as much as I like Serpico. =3
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