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A-hem, a bit late but...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY tsurara_mai!!!!
...except your birthday was two days ago... sorry. D=

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VIncent is not amused by my lateness in wishing you a happy birthday, or by the lack of anything near quality in the following pictures.

BAH TO MOST OF YOU. I was only going to do one gijinka and one animalization (is there are better term for this?), but I liked everyone's suggestions, I did just about all of them. They're ugly, but I had fun.

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Leafeon for pacificpikachu! This is supposed to be a girl, but I'm not very good at drawing girls. Originally she was going to be a music mage, but Leafeon is a PLANT TYPE, that's probably not the best idea. Still, I had most of her drawn, so... it's sort of a half-and-half sort of monstrous combination of the two.

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This is some sort of Arcanine colored with the three markers I randomly have been carrying around with me since December. Also by request of pacificpikachu. I tried Togekiss too, but it was so very bad, I couldn't bring myself to scan it.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
I'm obviously too lazy to cut this page apart.
Loki and Gadget are by request of tsurara_mai. They're my family's cats. Loki is a big loveable idiot and Gadget hates everyone. She's a calico, but I don't remember how her markings go, so I... didn't put any on. Mawile is for sygmus. I really wish I could draw girls, she could be really cute! And finally, Blanca is for mature. I want to play around with Blanca's design a bit more, I think I can make him look sexy better. And, you know, and have his eyes on the same level.

Jenn started playing Shadow Hearts II. It's been so long since I played it! I keep wanting to replay it, but I won't let myself until I beat SHIII (damn you, final boss!). It's so much fun watching her play though, I love this game so much.

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Animal versions! Kaitou KID for glagmore and Re-l for pr0t0manblues. I thought KID would be a white fox. When I look at this picture, I think it looks more like his father (which I guess works too, eh?). I had a lot of trouble with Re-l, because I had no clue what type of animal she would be. I was thinking some sort of cat, Nur said she should be a bitch, Jenn said an emo bat, and Nik said some sort of reptile. I liked Nik's suggestion the best. So, she's some sort of... lizard...thing.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Finally, let's end this entry with another picture of Vincent. I was working on illustrations for my book project and I got tired of drawing random objects. The paper I was using is a gloss-coated sheet, so markers have really strange effects on it. I sort of like it.

I think that's pretty much everything I have worth showing that's not part of a school project or in my regular sketchbook. I'll start scanning the sketchbook junk once I finally finally finally finish that last meme picture.
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