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Gijinka High

Hey there. I got out of class early. I was looking at some awesome Pokémon gijinka this morning, and it got me in the mood to do some myself. So, here's the question: What should I humanize? A Pokémon? A Digimon? Some other anime/game/novel character? I'll do my best to draw a human version of whatever the first person suggests. I'd do more, but I'm SO very bad at finishing these things (I have 90% of the meme pictures from... September-ish sitting, complete, in my sketchbook). I'll also try to uhh.. animal-ize a character. You know, like emlan's awesome Bleach Doggies.

So, I'll do one of each. Please only request one or the other. First come, first serve. =D
Tags: memeage
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