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Put on a shirt man... seriously. D=

Finally. The end of the week. I'm done with two midterms now, so that's a bit of weight off my back. I still have a presentation on Monday, so I'm worried about that. It shouldn't be that hard, I just don't want to give it.

I got some new work. I'm really busy with school and senior project and work already, but this looks like its going to be a quick thing and it looks interesting, so I'm looking forward to it.

Jenn started playing Devil May Cry 3. Granted, she's only about twenty minutes into it, but I have to say Dante seems really lame. It's like he thinks he's cool and stylish and stuff, but he's anything but it. I hope he gets less lame soon.

Have I said that I love the Persona 3 manga? BECAUSE I DO.
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Junpei, you're so cool. ♥
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