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Rain, rain, and some more rain.

Hello new Neuro friends! ♥

Pretty much all last week the weather was really stormy. Friday it let up a bit and only sprinkled here and there, and while I walked to club on Saturday it was clear, so I thought the storm had passed. But not so! It started POURING later. I don't know when I've seen rain go quite at that angle. =\ I do love rain, but walking to school in it isn't very fun.

I decided to finally finish watching Darker than Black. I stopped watching it after episode 7 because I got busy and life threw bricks at me. When the bricks stopped and things calmed down, I started watching other stuff. It's a shame, really, because this show is omgsogood. I was trying to work on Orichalcum pages while I watched it, but my progress was something like 1.5 panels an episode. And the panels are just penciled... some of them are just rough pencils. =\ Oh well, as long as work is getting done and I am having fun, I think it'll be alright. I'm at episode 15 now and I'm hoping to get through at least episode 16 before I go to bed. I would be further, but I started watching...

Ayakashi! No, not the Ayakashi from last year (with the Bake Neko arc and all), but a new Ayakashi. It was based on a porn game or something. I usually don't go for the H-game stuff (because I can't help but think where all the porn scenes would be placed), but this one promised demons and cool powers, so I thought I'd give it a try. It truly is pretty cool (demonish arm, yum), but I don't care for the basic character designs. It's not incredible, but I'll give it a couple more episodes before I decide to stay with it or not.

Yesterday, Nur and I watched the second episode of Hakaba Kitaro, which is looking to be a fabulous series. Kitaro is such a creepy kid... nothing like he is in the Gegege no Kitaro series. The opening is probably my favorite of the season too... it's done in a very different style than most openings... it's more like an animated manga. Very cool.

There was also a new Soul Eater chapter released and two new Historie chapters! HUZZAH!

Just a couple notes.

We watched the first two episodes of Planet Unicorn during the dinner break. I thought it was hilarious. It seemed like there were few that agreed.

Master Badass Keaton - I was really happy to hear little comments during the show. Usually I don't like to hear people talking, but I could tell they were making comments about the episode, which means they were paying attention! They were good comments too! MAYBE FINALLY PEOPLE ARE WARMING UP TO THIS AMAZING SHOW. That would make me so very happy. Next week is a great episode! I'm excited!

Mushishi - GIIIINNNNKKKOOOOO! Your backstory is so cute and sad. I want to hug you. =(

D'eon - Urrrrgggg this show makes me hurt so badly. Nik, Nur, Jenn, and I all crammed into the booth to chat while it was on. We decided that we should make a parody called "Sugoi-yo! Tellagory-san!" Based off of Sexy Commando, of course. Tellagory would actually not play Masaru... he would probably be Susan. But back to the episode! D'eon did, once again, nothing of importance. His traveling companions were awesome as usual. Ye gods I hate him so.

Ergo Proxy - Vincent is one sexy badass. Pino is one adorable um... ball of cute. This show brings me great joy and much eye candy. There were a lot of "=O!!!" and "OH SNAP!" moments in this episode.

And I'm spent.


Happy Birthday, neko_ryuujin!!!!
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