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And thus beings Print Week

This week is International Print Week. Because everyone should not care at all about know this. For Graphic Communication students like myself, this is simultaneously the best and worst week of the quarter. We get to skip almost all of our Graphic Communication classes, but instead we have to go to seminars. Missing classes=win (I only have to go to 3 hours out of my ~22 hours of class this week! HUZZAH!), but a lot of the seminars are crowded, hot, and boring. Today I spent more time than I should in the same classroom for these seminars, but at least they were generally interesting. I learned a lot about CS3 during a 3-hour walk-through this morning. Too bad I won't be getting CS3 until I'm out of school. =\

We get food too. After the presenters eat, the students hanging around are usually allowed to eat the leftovers. I got a brownie today. =D

By my luck, one of the few classes I still have to go to is my *beloved* Human Resource Management lecture. It's after all the seminars for the day end, so we still get to go to it. Bleh. But there is a light at the end of this tunnel week! The Print Week Banquet is during our class time, so class is cancelled~!!!!! So freaking glorious.

In other news, Nur and I finished Moyashimon last night. Such a glorious series. If my check from work comes in soon, I'm going to preorder the limited edition of the sixth volume of the manga, because it comes with a plush Oryzae! Gah, it's so cute!

Jacuzzi's round is going on in SaiGar. Most people on the Baccano! comm seem to think he's not gar. That makes me sad. He took out Goose. He was going to take on Rail Tracer! He kept fighting even with a knife in his arm and bullets in his guts! He's quite gar in my mind, but I'm definitely biased. XD
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