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Wah. I don't feel like tackling this huge pile of work I have to get through today (although honestly, the biggest parts should be pretty fun), so I'm just going to ramble about anime and stuff for a bit.

I've slowly been catching up with the series I had fallen behind on.

If you couldn't tell from a couple of my previous entries, I went on a Yu-Gi-Oh! GX mad marathon spree, watching around 90 episodes in two and a half weeks. Granted, it wasn't 90 full episodes or anything. The duels are pretty repetitive, so I fast-forwarded through or simply skipped lots of them. I adore the show, but yes Avion + Burstinatrix does indeed = Flame Wingman who will take your creature's attack points out of your life points if it destroys it. I love you Jaden, but could you maybe mix up your strategies a bit? (Okay, so he did a bit when he got his Neos cards, but it still feels so similar to before...) I'm on episode 141, I think, which is right in the Haou part of the third season. I'm actually watching these battles, because Haou duels in an interesting, relentless way. I'm a little sad that the series has gone from such a fun, happy series, to a dark and sad show. This does allow lots of character development on Jaden's behalf, so I'm sad about the change in the series and extremely excited. I haven't watched an episode in a week... the last Haou battle killed my second favorite character. I hope he comes back. This is YGO, he's coming back, right?

I finished watching Burst Angel on Friday. I don't think it's a bad show, but it's not a spectacular show. It was just right to use as a background show while I worked. Simple enough to not have to watch every second and still understand what was happening and complex enough that it was it still kept me engaged while I was working on pages. The only thing I flat-out hated about the series was the ending. I reserved judgement on one useless character for 23 episodes. Then this character started to suck even more than before and got the best ending out of everyone, which actually isn't saying much, because she's the only character that actually got an ending. HEY GUYS SHE DIDN'T DO A FREAKING THING IN THE SHOW. Needless to say, I was pretty upset. Not enough to make me write angry letters, but enough to rant a bit about it to my roommates. Oh well, I'm over it.

Nur and I had fallen behind on Moyashimon, so we're making an conscious effort to catch up. I often forget how much I enjoy a show until I start rewatching it. Moyashimon is one of those shows. We're still three episodes behind, but hopefully we'll be able to finish during this long weekend. The Spring Festival episodes were fantastic! I loved their plan to end the festival. Ah, it was pretty adorable.

I finally watched episode 24 of Seirei no Moribito. I think it's been... two months since I had seen 23? The show is just as gorgeous as I remember, and the characters and story continue to engage me. The big problem is that I can't find the drive to watch the next episode. This is why it took my two months to watch episode 24! There's nothing wrong with the show, I think it's that I don't want it to end. I'm afraid of what might happen to some of the characters. I only have two episodes to go, so I'm going to try to get over my pansy-ish thoughts and watch Balsa kick some ass. (She was in SaiGAR, but lost to Itoshiki-Sensei from Zetsubou. WTF. He is no where near gar! She is SUPER GAR. I was upset. It's SaiGAR is serious business, you know.)

Since I finished Burst Angel, I started watching Hana Yori Dango. Minna no Anime was showing this when I first started college, but they were on the second half of the series. I had to piece together what was going on by myself (not exactly the hardest thing to do, but still...). Finally, after almost five years, I own all of the discs and am ready to see what I missed. I'm having a great time with it, and I'm only about 7 episodes in. The series feels so stereotypical shoujo, but has an extra spice in it that makes it so delicious I have trouble turning away. I find myself wanting to yell at the characters, "No! Don't trust him, he's using you!" or "Don't fall for him, he can't make you happy!" Is this why people watch soap operas? Scary. This is supposed to be the show I watch in the background while I work. Hmmm, this may not work so well. I'm looking forward to getting through another disc today.

Episode 11 of Ghost Hound came out yesterday, much to my joy. I think this series has the best use of sound out of any series I've every used. The little noises in each episode make my heart race and keep me on edge. There was a part in this episode where a low-volume but high-pitch sound was being played and it stopped when a character blinked. As soon as the sound stopped, I found I had been holding my breath the entire time. The story progressed as usual, answering some questions but raising others. Taro and Masayuki's friendship is really cute, I love seeing them interact. Of course, watching this episode just makes me desperate for the next one. Bah.

Mmmm, still liking Persona ~trinity soul~. I'm excited to see the next episode. I watched the first episode of Wolf and Spice, liked it enough. It's different from the manga, so I'm curious to see how different it is as it goes along. The series is based off of novels though, right? I wonder which is closer to the original, the manga or the anime? And I find it strange, it's listed as Spice and Wolf, right? But the title is Ookami to something-or-other, I think... which would be Wolf and Spice. I'm, probably just thinking too much about it. I've also caught up with the raws of Ryuusei no Rockman Tribe. I do love that show to bits. I watch it for reasons that are similar to why I watch YGO GX. I love it so. And the art is really neat. Neuro is freaking awesome and largely ignored, as usual. I loved the episode with the American.

I like doing this ever so often. I don't think I do it as well as glagmore, but oh well.

Fansub O' - We watched Nodame Cantabile. I had heard some iffy things on the anime (mainly just animation quality), but I enjoyed it. I've been wanting to read the manga, and this is the push I needed to get moving on that. I have a feeling that when I do start on the manga, I'll have a "oh, so maybe I should have listened to the 1000325346 people who told me to check this series out, hmm??" moment.

Dokkoida?! - Uh, no comment. Okay, no, I do have some comments. It was a strange episode. Very strange. Very fanservicey. Unfortunately, I think it made a lot of the people who did not like the series hate the series. Bummer.

Law of Ueki - Ueki is awesome. Hands down, no question.

Gun x Sword - And now we start getting to the real conflict! Oooh, I'm excited. I've seen the next few episodes, but then everything for this show will be NEW to me. NEW NEW NEW. I'm very happy about that, I've been holding off finishing this series for much too long.

Master Badass Keaton - This was the first episode with Charlie. There wasn't much action (at all), but Keaton had many opportunities to show how incredibly badass he is. Because he's a nice guy, he only took three or four. Keaton, I truly don't understand why people can't see your greatness. I can understand not being a fan of the style, but the series is SO amazing, I would have hoped that people could get past it.

Mushishi - Ginko is awesome, as is par for the course. Last night, he did something awesome. He always does awesome things, so this was no surprise.

Otogi Zoshi - Seimei is an ass. Everyone is going to die. No, I really think all the main characters will die. I don't want them to, but I don't see them coming out of this alive. This isn't Bleach. This is Otogi Zoshi. There will be many deaths. Oh, and Seimei's assistant? She's a little prick.

Noein - Okay, I don't get this. Noein is ugly. UGLY. I'm not just taking about the character designs (which have completely grown on me like horrible little tumors), but the animation is so wonky! It doesn't take away from my enjoyment of the show, but how can you get over Noein's art style, but not Keaton's? It boggles the mind. Anyway, Noein is freaking awesome, and Karasu is awesome (I wanted him to hug Haruka so badly), and Tobi is really cute (go chill with the kids, Tobi! Play soccer with them! It'll be cute!). Quantum physics are hard to understand, but the show did a good job explaining the multiple dimension theory. All in all, this show is awesome, just like most of the shows we are watching.

d'Eon. - The joy I get in watching this show comes from the mocking I do to it. I just cannot get into it! I hate d'Eon as a character, I wish he would die off so it would be the Tellegory and Robin Show (Guest Starring Durrand). I love his buddies, but I hate him so much! He's like he character I hate so much in Burst Angel; there for the looks, but does nothing to progress the story. Think about it, everything that progresses the story is done by others, or others getting d'Eon to do things. I don't think he's been the source of an idea that has progressed the story at all! Still, I'll continue to watch the show from the booth and hope that the loud comments I make about it are not heard by those outside the booth. I have been told that it gets better, and I really, really hope it does.

Ergo Proxy - SO FREAKING AWESOME YES? Ergo and Vincent had their nice little chats inside of Vincent's mind inside of the City Lights bookstore, which is awesome. Because Ergo Proxy is awesome. And because City Lights is a real place. Awesome. We got a lot of sexy Vincent screen time, including a good amount of him in his undershirt which is hot like a volcano, because I am so in love with a fictional character (don't worry Kino, you're still my #1!). Also sexy Vincent eyes. I've always been partial to grey-blue eyes, but his green eyes are so brilliant, it makes my little fangirl heart to pitter-patter whenever we're given a good shot of them. I am going to have an Ergo Proxy marathon this summer. And it will be awesome. And hopefully it will consist of me and junk food and lots of Vincent. The only problem with the episode was the lack of Pino. She got very little screen time. Oh, but when the bookstore owner told him to ask one question at a time and he asked about Pino instead of the ship? My fangirl heart skipped a beat. Together, the two of them will take over the world.

Okay, I should get to work now, I guess. =3
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