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I am a winner!

I win at kidney stones! My tests came back. One told me that yes, I probably do have kidney stones. The second told me yes, I do definitely have kidney stones. Five of them. I WIN. You can bet I'm drinking lots of water. Lots and lots.

I'm in my Human Resource Managment class again. I've done all sorts of things on the internet. It seems I'm not the only one. The guy in front of me is watching The Office. It's not that the teacher is bad or mean (he's actually very kind), but the class is so boring! Just 25 minutes to go!

My order from Amazon FINALLY came in. It seems like it came in on Friday, but no note was left to tell us. Bleh. I'm really excited though... XS volume 3, Banya v5, and Scott Pilgrim v4 were in the package! Too bad today was my longest day (8am-7:30pm), but I guess I'll have some wonderful reading material.

Okay, and wtf is up with the weather? Our apartment is really warm, so when I left for my morning lab yesterday, I dressed a little lighter than I have been. AND IT WAS FREEZING. The afternoon was really warm though... This morning I bundled up more and left (AT THE SAME TIME) and it was quite warm! But then in the afternoon, it was really cold again! Please make up your mind, weather!

Work Status: 112/119 done!
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