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Oh school.

Well, it's a lovely Thursday night and Minna no Manga is in full swing. Well, I imagine it's in full swing. I'm stuck in a class on Human Resource Management. Ooo boy. Let me tell you, it's exciting. Lucky for me, this class only goes until 7:30. I just wish I was missing some MnM for a class that was vaguely interesting. =\

Nur and I watched the first episode of the Persona anime last night. I think it looks pretty cool, I'm looking forward to the next one. I have the first episode of Spice and Wolf, but I probably won't watch that until tomorrow evening.

There is a crazy YGO and YGO GX thread going on in /cm/! It makes me so happy! RIght now it's on it's on the seventh thread... all others maxed out. I didn't know there was so much YGO and GX love. I'm so happy. T^T Now I just have to track down some of these sites...

Work Status: 69/119 79/119 done!
Tags: anime, class, school, ygo
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