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Fuck fuck fuck

I totally screwed myself over. I forgot to download a script for work and it's due on the 16th. Shiiiiiiiit. I need to get 124 pages done in 11 days. I would ask for an extension, but I take pride in always getting my work in on time. Ugh, I totally fucked this up royally. T^T It looks like I know what I'll be doing every waking minute!

In health news, I went to the doctor and was pretty much told to drink more water and change my diet. So I've been nursing a glass of water like an alcoholic nurses a bottle. I took some more tests and the results should come out soon. I feel fine, so I think that's a good sign.

Yesterday we went to Davis to drop off my sister. She has NO right to complain about living conditions. The room she shares with her roommate is probably one and a half times bigger than the room I share with Nur! It's HUGE! And nice! Their entire building and food complex is really nice. My sister is also an idiot because she's thinking of not wearing a helmet when she goes riding. Nevermind that it's dangerous by itself, but she hasn't really ridden a bike is about 8 years. Oh yeah, she's a bright one.

Life otherwise has been going alright. I finished the storyboards for my Orichalcum story! Huzzah! I would have started work on the pages this week, but I have to catch up on these pages instead. Bleh. Well, it's my fault.

Ughhhhhh, download fast pages, download faster!
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