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And the results are in?

Well, after spending way too much time at the Health Center, they determined that i have some sort of kidney stone. Bleh. I was going to go to a clinic they recommended, but they would not accept my insurance and wanted me to pay cash up front. I couldn't afford that. So, my mom is coming down to SLO to take me back home so I can go to Kaiser tomorrow and try to have them take care of it. Hopefully this is something I can take medicine and eat better to get rid of... although it doesn't look like that will be the case. I hope I can take care of all of the hospital visit-junk before class starts up again on Monday. BLEEEEHHH.

But! Nur and I started watching Turn A Gundam! I'm really enjoying it so far. Roland/Loran is probably my favorite Gundam protagonist. And he loses his clothes at an incredible rate. XD But yay for non-emo mech pilots. ♥ (Now watch as he gets emo...) Plus!!!!! Paku Romi does his voice! AAAANNNNDDDD Yoko Kanno does the music! Win to the tenth power.

Artemis just got upgraded from Tiger to Leopard. =D
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